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LINE: A Fun & Free Cross-Platform Instant Messenger For WP7

Although the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace now boasts more than 100,000 apps, WP7 is usually labelled as the smartphone platform with the least number of apps. Having said that, there is no shortage of text chat apps for Mango phones, and WP7 has steadily accumulated all the popular chat clients available on Android and iOS. Samsung’s ChatOn (reviewed here) is the latest major messenger app to arrive in the Marketplace, but that doesn’t mean that the flow of such apps has finally subsided. WP7 developers have more to offer to users, and LINE brings a new dimension to the whole niche of messenger apps for Mango. Like all good chat apps, LINE is cross-platform, but rather than taking the whole business of communicating with your friends too seriously, the app makes chatting more fun and attractive. Instead of emoticons, LINE relies on packs of stickers that let users express their feelings even more thoroughly. The app is highly customizable in terms of its looks, and you can choose any background for separate chat windows. Read on for details.

LINE WP7 Friends LINE WP7 Chat LINE WP7 Stickers

In order to use LINE, you will have to sign up for a new account by choosing your country and enter your phone number, so that LINE can SMS you a verification code. Once you have signed up in this manner, the next step is to register your email ID with the service. Although email registration is not a compulsory part of using the LINE app, it will certainly help you in connecting with your friends with more ease. For all registered users, LINE comes up with the option of letting them edit their profile. The app automatically imports all your contacts from the People hub, and you won’t have to add anyone manually (although you can do that as well, if you want to).

LINE supports group messaging, and you can choose to interact with existing groups from the People hub, or create new ones within the app. The app will arrange your contacts pretty neatly, and a search button is available to find anyone with ease. From the settings menu in LINE, users can choose a background image for individual contacts or the whole app. The app has a decent array of wallpapers of its own, and it is also possible to upload photos from the Pictures hub.

Once you initiate a chat with any of your friends, you can type text in the conversation window or share videos, photos and images with them. LINE offers a HOLD TO TALK button in each chat, letting you use the app as a walkie-talkie. To send a sticker (the rough LINE equivalent of a smiley), tap the middle button in the bottom bar of any conversation window and then choose the appropriate image. Quite like the stock Messaging app in WP7, each message in LINE has a timestamp of its own. You can share location info with anyone with a touch of a button.

LINE has desktop clients for PC and Mac, so you can carry on your conversations wherever you go. You might be able to find even more comprehensive messenger apps for WP7, but LINE has a humorous and fun streak that makes it different from its competitors. The app is available for free, and you can download it from the following link.

Download LINE

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