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LinkedIn For Windows Phone Gets Live Tiles, Voice Controls & Dynamic Lock Screen Support

A month shy of its first release anniversary, LinkedIn for Windows Phone has received a major update. Windows Phone has native integration with the world’s largest professional network since WP7, but you do need to have a decent app if you want to properly go through your updates, message someone or explore new jobs. The previous version of the official LinkedIn client for Windows Phone was pretty decent, but it did not take full advantage of all the awesome new possibilities added to the mix by WP8. With LinkedIn 1.5 however, you get to control many aspects of the app using WP8’s native voice commands; resizable live tiles are supported now, and it is possible to configure your lock screen to automatically cycle through images taken from the LinkedIn Today section of the app.

LinkedIn WP Tiles LinkedIn WP Voice LinkedIn WP LS

LinkedIn has been supporting live tiles since its WP7 days, but the feature has been overhauled with the latest update. Now users can pin any section of the app to the Start screen, and resize the tile as well. Tiles belonging to sections can only be resized to small or medium, while the app’s main tile can be expanded to the maximum (wide) size as well. All LinkedIn tiles are capable of flipping to reveal latest updates.

Just like NBC News, LinkedIn has managed to take full advantage of WP8’s capability to let users control internal sections of apps via voice commands. Previously, it was only possible to launch the app by saying “Open LinkedIn”, but now you can ask your phone to take you straight to your inbox, or any particular section of the app by using commands like “Start LinkedIn Inbox”.

LinkedIn users who are based outside English-speaking regions are sure to welcome the app’s support for more languages, including French, German, Chinese and Spanish. A somewhat less useful yet still fascinating new feature added to LinkedIn is its lock screen support for WP8 devices. Head to the ‘lock screen’ section of your phone’s Settings hub and from the ‘Background’ list, select LinkedIn. Now your lock screen wallpaper will be changed by the app automatically by selecting photos from the LinkedIn Today section of the app.

Apart from all these changes, the overall look and feel of LinkedIn for Windows Phone remains unchanged. There’s the same Modern UI, and the ability to go through different parts of a section by swiping sideways. The updated version of the app can be downloaded from the link below for free.

Download LinkedIn 1.5 For Windows Phone

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