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Mehdoh Is Arguably The Best Free Twitter & Instagram Client For WP7

Facebook might be the most popular social network in the world, but when it comes to Windows Phone 7, developers seem to favor Twitter more than Facebook. The best thing about most of the Twitter clients available for the Mango platform is the quality of these apps. Most of them are good enough to give the official Twitter app a run for its money, and some even surpass it. Mehdoh is one such app, which comes with some pretty distinguishing features. The app has been around in the Marketplace for a long time, but its latest update might have made it the most comprehensive Twitter app out there. Not only can you use Mehdoh to tweet, the app will also let you link your Instagram account with it! Doesn’t that sound amazing? Read on for more.

Mehdoh Accounts Mehdoh Timeline

The welcome screen of Mehdoh prompts users to sign in to their Twitter account, and while your timeline is being populated after login, the app asks users to choose the service they want to employ for sharing images on Twitter. Once the setup is complete, you can add more Twitter accounts from the account management section of the app. If you want to link your Instagram account with any of the added Twitter profiles, go to the bottom menu of the accounts page and tap add instagram account. Your timeline integrates posts from all the linked accounts, and this section is pretty similar to the official WP7 Twitter client. Swiping to the right will bring you to the mentions section, while another swipe leads to messages. You can look for a user or keyword using the search button in the bottom bar. The small box at the top of each section acts as a notification area, and will display the number of new mentions or timeline updates (something that is missing in the official Twitter app).

Mehdoh Tweet Mehdoh Link

The real changes become apparent in Mehdoh when you tap a tweet to open it. Instead of just a link, the app displays a preview of the attached images or webpages. To navigate to these previews just swipe to the left of the screen to the link section. Another cool feature offered by Mehdoh is its translate tweet with Bing option, which is available for all tweets, and taping it will convert the tweet’s contents to the default language of your WP7;  that, too, without leaving the current screen.

Mehdoh Trends Mehdoh Compose Tweet

The Trends section in Mehdoh is the most comprehensive one we have ever seen in a WP7 app. You can apply a number of filters to view trending topics in various regions of the world, and during different times of the day. When composing a new tweet with the app, you can switch accounts with a single tap, and special character support is also available.

Mehdoh is available as a free download, and if you are a regular Twitter user who has an Instagram account as well, you should give the app a try by heading to the following web Marketplace link below.

Download Mehdoh

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