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Moments For Windows Phone: Keep A Journal & Back It Up To The Cloud

Although the habit of keeping journals has gone somewhat out of fashion in recent times, you can’t deny the benefits and positives that diary-writing can bring to life. Even if you don’t plan to publish your memoirs one day, they can still prove to be an absorbing read for your loved ones, and you can also use them as letters to your future self. Having said that, it is no mean feat to maintain a proper paper diary in today’s fast-paced life. Fortunately, that’s where smartphones can prove to be your best friends. Moments is a WP7 app that you can use to create short entries to record your moods and thoughts at any particular point in time. The best thing about the app, apart from its beautiful interface, is the fact that it really makes your journal everlasting, and backs everything up to the cloud.

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There isn’t anything really complicated about using the Moments app on your Mango phone. The main concept behind the whole thing is to let users create new entries quickly, and with as much customization as possible. To get started, you just have to tap the main screen of Moments, and you will be taken to a new screen that has a text box at the bottom. Before you start making additions there though, it is better if you hit the small calendar icon in the middle of the bottom bar. This will take you to the app’s own calendar, and you can use it to navigate your way to any particular date where you wish to create a new entry.

The app has a rather neat text editing mode, and you can attach images to your entries as well. To do that, just hit the emoticon in the green box next to the text area, and you will be able to choose a photo from your phone’s camera roll, or you can simply hit the camera icon and snap a picture without leaving the app. In addition to photos and text, entries in the Moments app can be accompanied by a personalized smiley, to better depict your current state of mind or mood.

From the Settings menu in Moments, you can log in to your Windows Live account and create a backup of all the data in the app. In case you ever change devices, or want to view your journal somewhere else, go to this same menu and hit the Restore button. The app has got a free version, too, but it just went obsolete because Moments has now gone free!

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