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Nokia JobLens For WP8 Finds Jobs In Your Area Via Augmented Reality

Windows Phone has always been decent at integration with different social networks. While iOS already has Twitter and Facebook baked into it, WP8 added LinkedIn to this list. There is a standalone LinkedIn app for Windows Phone as well, making the OS perfect for any frequent user of the professional network. Although LinkedIn can be enough to land you a new job at times, you need to dig deeper on most occasions if you want to find the perfect job. Apps like getHired can help you do that, but Nokia’s own new app JobLens add a whole new dimension to the endeavor. The Lumia-exclusive app helps users find relevant jobs near their current location, and even goes as far as offering an augmented reality feature that uses their mobile’s camera to scan their surroundings and pinpoint the places that are currently hiring.

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JobLens is only useful if you are looking for employment opportunities in the U.S or U.K. The app tries to find your current location when you first launch it, but it is also possible to manually choose your country of interest and proceed from there. For a more social experience and getting suggestions with more accuracy, connect Facebook and LinkedIn with JobLens. LinkedIn association can also help you in providing a reference when applying for jobs. It is also essential to add your resume to your JobLens profile if you intend to seriously apply for jobs using the app.

There are three ways of finding jobs using JobLens. You can perform the old-fashioned search, see a map of your country with job opportunities highlighted on it, or use the amazing augmented reality mode. In AR view, you have to calibrate your device by waving it around, and then start scanning buildings around you. If there are any jobs open there, JobLens will highlight them. Maps work just the way you would expect them to, and there is a pretty decent array of filters to go with them. You can look for jobs related to a particular field, or for a specific salary range.

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When it comes to searching, JobLens lets you find employment opportunities, companies, salary info and job data related to an area. Search results are ordered by relevance, and also display the total number of potential jobs that are available in the workplace.

For each job listed in JobLens, you can view helpful stats like salary growth, extra benefits, requirements and company size. If you like the opening, it is possible to add the job to your bookmarks or go to the company’s official website and apply from there.

This is one of the best applications of augmented reality that we’ve seen but even if you don’t intend on using the AR features of the app, the other features offered by JobLens are pretty good in their own right. The app is available for free, and only works with Nokia Lumia devices running WP8.

Install JobLens from Windows Phone Store

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