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Official Bloomberg App Available For Nokia Windows Phone

There can be no doubting the fact that Bloomberg is among the most popular news sources for people who are interested in financial affairs and the stock market. The network’s TV channel is followed by a wide array of people, and other services from Bloomberg are quite well-known as well. Despite Bloomberg’s presence in almost all major mediums, it’s not easy staying in touch with your business interests on the go. While there are some pretty decent financial management apps available in the Windows Phone Store, most people like to have a familiar name in the app list of their WP7. If you are the kind of person who is a fan of apps from popular services, having a Nokia Lumia device is a pretty good option, as many official apps are Lumia-exclusive, or at least arrive for Nokia Windows Phone devices before other phones. The Bloomberg app has become the latest addition in the Nokia Store, and offers just about everything you will ever need to manage your financial affairs and staying apprised of all the latest news related to the stock market. You can even configure your portfolio in the app, so that Bloomberg can keep you informed of your own stock’s current progress.

Bloomberg WP7 News Bloomberg WP7 TV Shows Bloomberg WP7 Radio

Although the Bloomberg app has got everything arranged pretty neatly, you can switch things around by heading to the Settings menu and choosing the categories you want the app to display on its main screen. A maximum of 4 categories can be selected at a time, and for each of your choices, it is possible to define the subcategories you are interested in. When you are done, drag the chosen categories around in the Settings menu if you want to change the order in which they appear. In addition to all the categories that appear in the Bloomberg app’s main screen, there is also the ever-present ticker at the top of the main page. Depending upon your choice of region, the ticker displays all the latest stock prices of the major players in market.

Bloomberg WP7 Video Bloomberg WP7 Audio

Bloomberg for WP7 offers a lot of free and downloadable content, including whole TV and radio shows from the service. There is no live streaming, but the app gets refreshed on regular basis, and you won’t need to keep checking your TV to see if you are missing something. To make everything even more complete, there are the push notifications for breaking news, which can be enabled in the app’s Settings area. The video player is pretty good, and comes with the basic sharing options. Audio streaming can be done in the background thanks to this feature’s volume bar integration.

Bloomberg WP7 Indexes Bloomberg WP7 Index Bloomberg WP7 Watchlist

All the aspects of the Bloomberg app we have discussed so far are no different from the ones found in the app of any popular news network (like CNN or BBC), but there’s more to Bloomberg than that. As the service is all about the stock market, you can create and manage a watchlist for all the shares you own. Once you add your portfolio to the app, you will be notified of each company’s progress at regular intervals, and it is also possible to view the detailed stats for any particular stock or pin it to the Start screen.

It’s a shame that Bloomberg is only available for Nokia Lumia devices for now, but we can only hope that the app will be released in the Windows Phone Store soon. In any case, Nokia owners can enjoy this useful app for free, and you can download it by clicking the following link from your phone.

Download Bloomberg For Nokia Windows Phone

Update: The app is now available for all Windows Phone devices.

Download Bloomberg For Windows Phone

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