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Family Story: Official Client For Samsung’s Social Network Comes To Windows Phone

After Nokia, Samsung is the most active app publisher for Windows Phone 7 among all OEMs. Of course, Samsung Zone does not offer as many exclusive WP7 apps as the Lumia series does, but nonetheless, there are a few really handy apps available for Samsung fans using Mango phones. The latest Samsung-exclusive app to make its way to the WP7 Marketplace is Family Story. The app is the official client for Samsung’s own social network that is focused on providing users with a private environment for interacting with their loved ones. You can define or join groups in Family Story, and then share anything with complete ease. Using Family Story, you can share events, photos and notes with your close family. Even if none of your family members have got a Samsung Windows Phone, they can still use the service on a Samsung Android device, or simply by going to the web version of Family Story.

Family Story Cover Family Story Timeline Family Story Updates

In order to use Family Story, you will need a Samsung account. That might sound a little complicated, but actually the sign up procedure is really easy. All you have to do is to provide the app with your email ID and choose a new password. To validate everything, submit your actual phone number so that a confirmation code can be sent to you. Once that has been done, you can use those same credentials to sign in to Family Story. If someone you know is already using Family Story, and has sent you an invite, you can join their group before proceeding. If that is not the case, simply create a new group. For each group, the creator has to provide a new name and then invite a few members to it. Invitations can be sent via SMS, email or simply through usernames, if the other person is on Family Story as well. Once you are inside a group, you will be brought to its Cover Story page that displays all the popular and recent updates. An alternative view of the group is provided in Story of the Day menu, which shows a timeline of activities. The Updates area acts like the app’s notification center.

Family Story Album Family Story Members Family Story Group

To make some additions of your own to a particular group, just hit the ‘+’ button from the bottom bar. Doing so brings up three options, including Album, Memo and Events. Whenever you add a photo to Family Story from your device’s camera roll, you can also associate any event with it (to specify the time and place where the picture was taken) along with a short description for the image. Memos can be of any length, and once you have written a complete note, anyone in the group can read it. The events in Family Story come with a few predefined categories, and you can sort them neatly, while also providing a text description and other particulars for the planned event.

One of the best things about Family Story is the app’s ability to act as a messenger for Windows Phone users. Not only is it possible to comment on any activity from group members, you can also send them private messages to initiate a chat. So, if you own a Samsung WP7 device, do give Family Story a try for getting a new way of staying in touch with your family and close friends.

Download Family Story for Windows Phone (Samsung only)

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