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Follow The Stock Market & Your Investments With Official E*TRADE App For Windows Phone

Blackberry and even iPhones are usually termed as devices tailor-made for business people. While both these platforms have the advantage of having been around for quite a while, Windows Phone is catching up fast in terms of apps that deal with financial management. A lot of really good business and finance apps are already available in the Windows Phone Store, with PayPal among the recent big names to arrive on the Marketplace. As the release of Windows Phone 8 draws closer, more and more big names are coming up with their Windows Phone clients. The latest to join the list is E*TRADE, and thanks to their newly released WP7 app, users can keep track of their own shares and investments, along side the option to monitor all the latest activities in the stock market of their interest. The app can be used as your primary source for business news, and lets you manage your E*TRADE account, too.

ETRADE Mobile WP7 Menu ETRADE Mobile WP7 Markets ETRADE Mobile WP7 Headlines

If you don’t have an E*TRADE account, E*TRADE Mobile can still prove to be a useful addition to your WP7 device’s app list. Non-subscribers can use the app to view latest market situation, thanks to the Markets and Headlines sections. Although only DOW, NASDAQ and S&P indices are displayed on the app’s main page, E*TRADE Mobile has actually got a lot more on offer. In the detailed view of this menu, you get a lot more graphs, and extra information. By holding your phone in landscape mode, the comprehensive view of the Market menu can be accessed. All the latest market happenings are reflected in the headlines section of E*TRADE Mobile. In case you want to find information regarding a particular quote or stock, hit the search button located in the bottom bar and enter its trading name. That’s about it if you want to use the E*TRADE Mobile app without an account for the service, and everything else requires you to login.

ETRADE Mobile WP7 Account ETRADE Mobile WP7 Quotes.

People with E*TRADE accounts can manage their personal finances, and analyze the latest stock market changes with respect to their own portfolio. You can alter your account as well, while the arrow button in the bottom bar allows users to place a new trade with complete ease. E*TRADE Mobile offers a dedicated page for each trade and quote, where it is possible to view the entity’s overview, chart and other additional details.

E*TRADE is a must-have app for all your users of the service, but even if you don’t know anything about E*TRADE, the app can prove to be a good option to have on your WP7 if you want to stay apprised of the stock market and the latest news from the finance world.

Download E*TRADE Mobile For Windows Phone


  1. This application is superb for stock market users. it is running on only window phones. have you any other applications for other multimedia phones.

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