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Official Vine App For Windows Phone Available For Download

Windows Phone: it’s fast, it’s beautiful, but it’s just not as powerful as its direct competitors because of a distinct lack of customization options and apps. The latest and greatest third-party apps often come to iOS first, before being ported to Android, and then on to Windows Phone; by that time, the iOS app has already gone through multiple useful iterations. It’s going to take some serious time before this development trend changes. Until then, Windows Phone users will have to make do with what they have. Microsoft has been pushing big-name third-party devs to port their app to Windows Phone, and their efforts are paying off. Instagram is in the pipeline, and Vine is out today. Yes, the app that launched the crazy six-second video trend has made its way on to Windows Phone. We discuss it in more detail after the jump.

Vine-for-Windows-Phone Vine-for-Windows-Phone-capture

From our eyes-on time with Vine for Windows Phone, it appears to be almost exactly like the iOS and Android apps minus the ‘Time Travel’ and ‘Sessions’ features that were introduced in a recent update to the latter, so you won’t be able to edit videos or save recording sessions just yet. You can record short clips totaling up to 6 seconds using a combination of the front and rear camera before sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Vine’s own network. During recording, you can use ‘ghosting’ and grids to ensure clips perfectly transition between each other, and there’s also an option to fix focus.

It wouldn’t be a true Windows Phone app without support for Windows Phone-specific features, though. Vine allows you to pin your favorite Vine users to the Start screen, integrates with Windows Phone 8’s Lens, and supports Fast Resume so you can quickly return to the app’s last state (rather than launching it all over again).

One good that has come out of this lack of official big apps on Windows Phone is that other independent developers can work on making powerful alternatives. For Instagram, you’ve got 6tag and for Vine, there’s 6sec from the same developer. The release of Vine might make 6sec look useless, but I would actually consider giving it a try as well. It supports multiple user accounts, an arguably better support for Live Tiles, has a slightly different design, and you can even change themes if you like! Advanced features come at a price, but they might be worth it for regular Vine users.

Vine is available for free from the Windows Phone Store. Be sure to let us know what you think of the app by leaving a comment in the comments section below.

Install Vine from Windows Phone Store

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