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OneShot Is An Elegant WP8 Camera App With Real-Time Filters & More

The recent release of Hipstamatic Oggl isn’t great just because of the app’s Instagram integration. In its own right, Oggl is an awesome camera replacement app, which can give any app a run for its money. In the past as well, Windows Phone has had some decent camera apps like Camera360 and Fhotoroom. OneShot, however, demonstrates that there is still room in the WP Store for good apps belonging to this genre. OneShot offers everything you can ever want in a camera app. There are live filters (and plenty of them), image adjustment options, shutter control and manual focus. The app’s interface is pretty decent as well, offering a lot of features without erring away from the Modern touch a great deal.

OneShot WP Options OneShot WP Filters OneShot WP Scene

OneShot looks almost identical to the stock Camera app when you first launch it, but that is only because it doesn’t flaunt all of its features on the main screen. The only thing that does stand out in the preview screen is the app’s ‘virtual horizon’. This indicator is there to help users keep their lens completely straight before snapping a photo. Another useful feature of OneShot is ‘steady detection’. The colored bar at the top of the screen represents the level of steadiness, with green being the steadiest and red showing a shaky hand.

The real bundle of options offered by OneShot can be accessed by hitting the ‘More’ button from the bottom bar. From the app’s menu, it is possible to choose a photo effect, or tinker with values like brightness, saturation, and contrast. There are also different white balance modes and shutter speeds to choose from. OneShot comes with a handful of lighting presets and other options pertaining to manual/auto focus. If you are not satisfied by the results yielded via the auto ISO configuration, there are other available options for that feature as well.

OneShot lets its users overlay a grid with the preview, but that option has to be accessed from the menu hidden under the bottom bar. The bottom bar itself is somewhat customizable and houses a configurable button that doesn’t do anything by default. From the OneShot settings menu, users can program this button as a shortcut for a variety of functions, including quickly switching between filters, effect randomization and manually releasing the shutter.

The app is available for $1.99, with a free trial version on offer as well. The trial comes with all the features for you to play with, but you can’t save photos without purchasing the full app. OneShot is WP8-exclusive, and can be downloaded from the following link.

Install OneShot from Windows Phone Store

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