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Overlay Weather & Location Info On Photos In Windows Phone With Ciel

To varying extents, all photos capture the essence of the moment when they were snapped, but there are times when you need to add some written information to the image in order to ensure that anyone who views it can gauge the environment in which the photo was taken. iOS has apps like InstaPlace and InstaWeather for this purpose, while Android has CamWeather. These type of apps usually offer certain templates that let you overlay real-time weather and location info on your photos. Ciel does the same for Windows Phone users, but the number of templates it offers make the app more than a match for similar apps on other platforms. Ciel has readymade overlay effects that deal with weather, location, lifestyle or a mixture of all of these. The sharing options are pretty good as well, while the app’s integration with Foursquare ensures availability of data on all nearby places.

Ciel WP Templates Ciel WP Edi Ciel WP Share

The templates available in Ciel are divided into three genres: weather, places and lifestyle. The weather templates add the current temperature of your area to the photo in different styles. Some of the presets offer additional information as well, like the current state of the weather and a small icon representing the sky outside. In some cases, your current location is also added to the mix, and if you are intent on overlaying the name of your city or a business place on the photo, there is a separate section dedicated to that. Apart from various designs, the templates present under the ‘Place’ section also offer to add the current date to the image.

The ‘lifestyle’ list houses templates that are meant to be used with pictures of restaurants and other places of interest. You can give a place your full approval by overlaying five stars over it, or use the template with a thumbs up icon and the words ‘Superb’ written across it to signify your recommendation.

Once you have selected a template, Ciel takes you to its editing screen. You can change the location automatically picked by the app by hitting the text box just above the picture frame. To add an image to the template, hit the ‘photo’ option from the bottom bar. It is possible to add photos from the camera roll, or snap a new one just for Ciel.

There are separate options for saving and sharing the photos created via Ciel. You can share images to Facebook, Tumblr and Foursquare after adding captions to them from the Ciel sharing menu.

Ciel is a free app and works only with Windows Phone 8 devices. It has a nice interface, and can get even better if the developer keeps expanding the collection of templates. Give it a go by heading to the link below.

Download Ciel For Windows Phone

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