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PGA Tour Brings Golf News, Player Stats & Videos To Lumia WP7 Devices

The Nokia Lumia series is fast becoming the best smartphone line for golf fans. First, there was the Caddie+ app to help you play the game yourself, and now, PGA Tour has arrived in the Nokia section of the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. PGA Tour is an app that will let owners of Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices stay up to date with all the latest happenings in the golfing world. There are other apps in the Marketplace that aggregate news items related to the sport, but if you are looking for a true companion app for every worthwhile golf tournament played on Earth, PGA Tour is what you want. This smart app automatically updates its homepage with respect to the current tournament(s) in progress. In addition to keeping you in touch with the proceedings of underway majors, the app is a good place to find detailed stats for any player on the tour. The PGA Tour app has a pretty decent collection of free videos as well, and you can view all the best moments of any tournament right on your Lumia’s screen.

PGA Tour Leaderboard PGA Tour Tee Time

PGA Tour has the ability to send push notifications for breaking news and tournament timings, and you can get these notifications by enabling them at the app’s launch or from the Settings section. There are two types of notifications supported by the PGA Tour app; Application Notifications and Player Notifications. While the first genre deals with tournament-related news items, player notifications alert you whenever there is some news about your favorite golfers. The main page of the app displays the details for the most important tournament that is currently underway. The Leaderboard also shows the current weather conditions at the venue, along with other basics. To view more detailed progress of players, you can navigate to the Standings menu by swiping to the left of the screen. If the round hasn’t started yet, users have the option to go to the tee times section of the app and find out the exact schedule for all players that are to tee-off in the current round.

PGA Tour News PGA Tour Media

Other than tournament-specific menus, PGA Tour has generic news and videos sections as well. The news items present in the app are mostly taken from PGA’s official website, and thus include all the latest stuff and player interviews published there. The Media menu is pretty up-to-date, too, with new videos added at the end of each round of most major tournaments. If you want to view news and other data for a particular day, just head to the Tournament section via the bottom bar and select the title you are interested in.

PGA Tour Player Profile PGA Tour Player Stats PGA Tour Player Page

PGA Tour can also be used to browse through the app on the basis of player progress, rather than just tournaments. The app presents its users with the option to search for a particular player, and then comes up with a detailed profile for him. You can view tournament stats for any player, or there is the option to view his overall career progress. There is also a separate media section for each player, too. If you want, you can even pin a particular player to the Start screen of your device to stay in touch with news and profile changes related to him.

For now, the PGA Tour app is available for Nokia Lumia devices only, but it will be released for all Windows Phone users after a year. If you are a golf fan, you are sure to love this free app.

Download PGA Tour for Nokia WP7 devices

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