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Scan Windows Phone Store For All OEM-Specific Apps With SysApp Pusher

There have always been some problems when it comes to updating apps on Windows Phone. Back in the days of WP7, users had to force updates to show up in the Marketplace, but things have improved with WP8. Having said that, there are still some issues with OEM-specific apps and at times, new releases don’t show up in searches. The same problem plagues updates, forcing you to wait for a few days at times before you can your hands on the improved versions of your favorite apps. While you can bide your time by waiting for the WP Store to get refreshed with your desired updates, SysApp Pusher is an app that can be used to immediately check for OEM-related changes to the Windows Phone Store. It lists all the new and old apps that are exclusive to Nokia, Samsung, and HTC devices, complete with their latest version numbers, download size and other details.

SysApp Pusher WP8 Nokia SysApp Pusher WP8 Samsung SysApp Pusher WP8 HTC

SysApp Pusher’s interface is divided into three main sections, each labeled with the name of a different WP8 OEM. All apps offered by Nokia, Samsung and HTC are listed in SysApp Pusher. The app sorts the available downloads based on their genre. The app list has everything from entertainment apps to ones dealing with news and sports. For Nokia users, there is a even a ‘beta’ subsection, since the Finnish manufacturer publishes apps in beta testing phase quite regularly. For all three OEMs, both installable and system apps are listed in SysApp Pusher.

Tapping any app’s name in SysApp Pusher takes users to its official download page. Unfortunately, there is no differentiation between apps that are already installed on your device and ones that aren’t, but that’s the only flaw we could find in Pusher. The information shown by SysApp Pusher on the main page below each app’s name includes version number, package size, and installation size. Thanks to a recent update, you can now keep an eye out for new OEM-exclusive releases. There is a green circle next to the name of all fresh apps, indicating that the app wasn’t in the SysApp Pusher collection the last time you visited it.

From the app’s bottom bar, users can make SysApp Pusher check for new updates and latest versions of the apps manually. It doesn’t take too long for the checking to finish, since WP8 only has around 60 OEM-specific apps for now. The team behind SysApp Pusher seems to be open to adding more OEMs in the future but if your OEM is already among the ones listed, give it a go by heading to the link at the end of this post. SysApp Pusher is a free app, although you’ll need to spend $0.99 if you want to get rid of the ads.

Install SysApp Pusher from Windows Phone Store

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