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See All Nokia & Samsung-Exclusive Apps & Updates In One Place On WP8

Windows Phone comes with a really convenient way of arranging all the apps installed on your device, but if there’s one thing the WP8 App List lacks, it is the ability to differentiate between system and third-party apps. If you want to check if an app came preinstalled on your device, there is no way other than trying to delete it (if it can’t be uninstalled, it’s a system app). Similarly, users can’t see OEM-specific apps in one place either. Admittedly, there are separate sections for each OEM in the WP Store, but they don’t list all the available apps. In addition to that, you can’t be sure if the versions of the OEM-exclusive apps you have are the latest or not. To help users overcome this problem, a Windows Phone developer recently came up with an app named SysApp Pusher, which checks the WP Store for new OEM apps and updates. That app hasn’t been around in the Store for long, and is already facing competition from a couple of new releases named Nokia App Updates and Samsung App Updates.

Nokia App Updates WP8 System Nokia App Updates WP8 HERE Nokia App Updates WP8 Powered

The two apps are from Herg-A-Fied, and have been released to overcome all the shortcomings that the developer found in SysApp Pusher. For one thing, you don’t have to browse through apps that have nothing to do with you. SysApp Pusher does gather all OEM-specific apps, but if you are just looking for a way to keep an eye on ones that can be installed on your device, Nokia App Updates and Samsung App Updates are more useful. In addition to that, both apps display OEM-specific apps in a more organized manner. Rather than throwing everything under one section and on one screen, they are arranged into different categories, with separate sections for system apps, productivity, utilities, photography, etc.

The Herg-A-Fied apps might have been even more useful had the developer made basic version info available against each tile since for now, you’ll still need to go to the apps’ WP Store pages to gather said information. If you are fine with that, the respective app for your OEM should prove to be a great addition to your device.

Nokia App Updates and Samsung App Updates are both available as free downloads, but you can only get them for devices belonging to their respective OEMs. So, if you have a Lumia device running WP8, or a latest Samsung phone, give them a shot.

Install Nokia App Updates from Windows Phone Store

Install Samsung App Updates from Windows Phone Store

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