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Shazam Updated For WP8 With Free Unlimited Tags, Start Screen Tagging, Nokia & Xbox Music Support

Shazam was among the first apps to come to Windows Phone 7, but the mobile team behind the service took a rather lengthy sabbatical after that. Shazam only came to the iPad last week, after years of iPhone-exclusive presence, and today the Windows Phone app for the service has been updated with WP8 compatibility. The update takes full advantage of everything Windows Phone’s latest iteration has to offer, including lock screen access for third-party apps and better live tile support. The app’s own features have gone to the next level of awesomeness as well, with support for both Nokia Music and Xbox Music. The best thing about the revamped app though, is the fact that you can now tag an unlimited number of songs for free, just the way Shazam Encore works!

Windows-Phone-8-Shazam-Nokia-Xbox-Music Shazam WP8 Lyrics Shazam WP8 Local

Support For Nokia & Xbox Music

Each time Shazam captures a new song, it shows a detailed list of options on the tag screen. Previously, it was possible to just look for the song on YouTube, or view details regarding the artist. The new options, on the other hand, are much more useful; Shazam now supports Nokia Music and Xbox Music, and if you are using either of these services on your WP8, it is possible to purchase the recognized song quickly and without the hassle of searching for them separately on these services.


Just below the Nokia Music and Xbox Music options, there is also a new ‘Lyrics’ button that can be used to view the complete lyrics of any song, and that too for free. You can share the lyrics (or even the entire tag) over your favorite social network by tapping the circular button available in the bottom bar.

Local Tags

Want to view the songs that are being tagged by other Shazam users near your current location? Head to the Local Tags menu from the bottom bar. Not only can you purchase any of these songs, but it is also possible to add them to your favorites. A map of the area accompanies the song list.

Quick Tagging From Start Screen

Shazam Windows Phone Tag Now Pin to Start Shazam Windows Phone Tag Now Tile

The new app features a special tile called ‘Tag now’, that can be pinned to the Start Screen for quick, instant access to the tagging feature. You can add this tile to your Start Screen by long-pressing the big Shazam button on the ‘tag now’ screen, and selecting ‘Pin “Tag now” to Start’. Once pinned, you can tap the new tile to launch the app directly in tagging mode.

Lock Screen Support & New Live Tiles

Any tag can be pinned to the Start screen of your device now, so that it remains easily accessible for purchasing. The app previously supported a primary live tile, but pinning individual songs is something that has been introduced with this update.

If you come across a song with album art that you like, you can make that photo your lock screen background by choosing the first entry in the tag’s options menu. Of course, doing so requires that you allow the app to make changes to the lock screen.

Shazam is a free app, and now you can create as many tags as you want without any extra payment as well. Grab the WP8 version by heading to the link given below.

Download Shazam For Windows Phone

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