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Sing Karaoke, Create & Share Your Own Music Videos On Windows Phone 8 With Singster

Sing! and Strum are just two of many karaoke apps available on Android and iOS, but Windows Phone hasn’t been too lucky in this regard. If you are a Lumia owner, there aren’t many options to consider whenever you get the urge to sing your heart out, be it alone or with your friends. Singster is a WP8 app that fills this void quite nicely, and in addition to offering karaoke for a variety of popular tracks, it even makes it possible to shoot a video to go with your singing. Based on your efforts, Singster awards a score to your video at the end of the recording. You can then share your song with friends and Singster followers, or just explore the app and discover what others are singing.

Singster WP8 Menu Singster WP8 Activity Singster WP8 Video

Singster could have done with a better UI, but that’s about the only criticism you can come up with regarding the app. To get started, create a new account by entering your email address, choosing a password, and providing some other information on the welcome screen. Before you actually start performing, it is a good idea to take a tour of Singster and see how others are using the app. This can be done by heading to the ‘performances’ section, or from the ‘activity’ tab. It is possible to leave a comment or like on videos, or navigate to the poster’s profile by hitting their username. Singster videos can be shared over other social networks as well, if you have associated them with your WP8 device.

Singster WP8 Songs Singster WP8 Sing

To start singing, simply select a track. Most of the recent hits are available in Singster, and you can find them by browsing through the ‘songs’ and ‘singers’ sections. For each song, the app displays the name of the artist, the year of release, and genre. Hit the microphone icon to start performing. Since Singster incorporates a video with each performance, head to the settings section and choose your primary camera before initiating a recording session.

Singster WP8 Karaoke

There are two modes of performance offered in Singster. You can sing along with the actual singer, or just choose to get the instrumental version before superimposing your voice on it. During a performance, the app shows the lyrics of the song, and keeps highlighting the words you should be singing to stay in sync with the music. Once finished, the video can be kept private, or shared publicly.

Singster is a free app, but only ten songs can be sung for free. For more, you have to subscribe to the pro service offered by Singster. The app only works with WP8, and is available at the download link below.

Install Singster from Windows Phone Store

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