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Sport Camera: Shoot & Edit Slow-Motion Videos On WP8.1

Some apps are developed with a very narrow focus, but once they are out in the market, there is always the possibility that users will find new and intuitive ways to get the most out of even the simplest of them. Sport Camera,as the name indicates, is an app that seems to have the main purpose of helping people in sports-related activities. However, a quick tour of the app’s features is enough to reveal that Sport Camera can be used for a variety of tasks. You might be tempted to put this new release in the category of “just another video editor”, but there is more to Sport Camera than that. The app is among the first of its kind to take full advantage of Windows Phone 8.1’s new features. It harnesses the update’s power to control shooting speed midway through recording a video. You can also use Sport Camera to slow down particular portions of existing videos.

Sport Camera WP8 Welcome Sport Camera WP8 Gallery

Sport Camera has a few instructional screens that show up when the app is launched initially. There isn’t much to learn though, and even without the short tutorial most users should be able to get the hang of what the app is about. You can edit both new and existing videos with Sport Camera, as it comes with two separate modes. To access an older video, hit the ‘open’ button from the bottom bar and select the video you want to trim and slow down from your phone’s camera roll. New videos shot using Sport Camera can be altered in real-time thanks to the camera’s slow-motion button. All videos edited with Sport Camera are available in the app’s own gallery view.

Sport Camera WP8 Shoot

The shooting mode in Sport Camera is quite simple, but enough to get the job done. While recording, you can add the slow-motion effect at any time by hitting the snail icon located on the right edge of the screen. You have to keep this button pressed for the effect to be applied. A better option would have been to press this button just once and initiate the slow-motion mode, before pressing it again to turn the mode back to normal.

Sport Camera WP8 Edit

Sport Camera’s video editor does nothing more than trim your videos. On the video timeline, users see the slowed down portions highlighted in green. Before the final version of the video is saved, it is possible to preview the whole thing by hitting play from the bottom bar. If you mess something up, there is always the possibility of resetting the entire video and begining from scratch.

To save or share any video, long-press its thumbnail from the main gallery. Sport Camera taps into WP8’s native sharing options, which means videos can be posted to social networks and messengers, or sent to others by email.

So, if you want to settle once and for all which of your friends won the footrace on the beach, or if the cat video you love gets even more hilarious when slowed down, head to the following link and grab this free app for your WP8.1 right now.

Install Sport Camera From WP Store

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