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Stretch A Wallpaper Across Windows Phone 8 Lock Screen & Kid’s Corner

Even though Windows Phone 8 has been out for quite a while now, I can’t help but feel that Microsoft might have marketed ‘Kid’s Corner’ better by giving it a name like ‘Guest Account’, since the current name leads users to believe the feature has very limited usefulness, and that too for children only. Despite the name, it’s good to see that more and more people have started using Kid’s Corner in recent months. There are already a few apps in the WP Store aimed specifically at enhancing the Kid’s Corner. The app we are about to show you, however, doesn’t deal much with the inner workings of Kid’s Corner. In fact, we won’t even go past the Kid’s Corner Welcome screen in discussing it. Has it ever bothered you that the Kid’s Corner – and the real lock screen of your device – must have different wallpapers despite being connected to each other? After all, you can stretch wallpapers easily for desktop devices if you are using multiple monitors. Dual Lock Crop does pretty much the same thing for WP8 lock screen. Now you can stretch any wallpaper across the real lock screen and Kid’s Corner, and that too without much effort.

Dual Lock Crop Settings Dual Lock Crop Pics Dual Lock Crop

Dual Lock Crop offers two man options. You can convert an image into a double-wide wallpaper, or split it into two if you want to get a stretch effect between the real lock screen and the Kid’s Corner one. The app can be used to create a new copy of any image in the camera roll of your device. With ‘Crop Single’, photos are stretched to 1536X1280. The new image is saved to the camera roll, and can be applied to the lock screen from there like any other photo.

In our opinion, ‘Crop Split’ is the more interesting of the two options offered by Dual Lock Crop. The original photo remains unchanged (just like with the Crop Single option), and two new photos are created out of it. One of these photos consists of the left half of the original, while the other is the right half. To get an awesome effect, choose the left one as the background for your real lock screen, and set the other one as the wallpaper for Kid’s Corner. Now whenever you swipe between the two screens, the two halves of the photo slide past in a seamless manner.

Dual Lock Crop is a free app and works only with Windows Phone 8. Give it a go by heading to the following link.

Download Dual Lock Crop For Windows Phone

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