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The Caddie + For Nokia Lumia: View Stats Of Fellow Golfers In Augmented Reality!

Golf might appear to be a rather simple game if you are watching it on TV, but if you’ve ever been to the greens yourself, you probably know that it isn’t as simple as hitting the ball with the club. Plus, you have to find some golfing buddies, someone has to keep the scores, and, if the course is unfamiliar to you, finding your way across all 18 holes can be a real headache. This is the reason there are many apps in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace that can help you with all this, and leave you free to concentrate on your game. The best among such WP7 apps is The Caddie +, and although the app has been around for quite a while for Mango phones, a Lumia version of the app has recently been released. The Nokia app is pretty similar to the original one, but it has some really fantastic augmented reality features that make it a cut above the rest. With the app’s Golfscope feature, you just have to point your device at anyone playing against you, and the app with display their stats and score right on your screen! Intrigued? Read of past the jump for more.

The Caddie   Profile The Caddie   Menu The Caddie   Friends

If you are new to The Caddie +, create a new account from the app’s welcome page; otherwise, a simple login would suffice. On your profile page of the app, The Caddie + displays all your past stats and scores. This record is updated and maintained automatically, and you just have to check-in to a particular round to make the app start tracking. If you want to change your Avatar, or tinker with some other aspect of your profile, go to the Golfers section. From this menu, it is also possible to build your golfing network and invite friends to join The Caddie +. If any of your friends are already using the service, their complete stats and past record will automatically be imported. The app can prove to be a good tool for finding nearby golfers and golf courses, and you might be surprised at the depth of The Caddie’s database. Not only that, the app will keep you up to date with the latest happenings in the world of golf, and you can read the news in the Golf News section.

The Caddie   Hole View The Caddie   Layups The Caddie   Stats

Whenever you are at a golf course and about to start a round, just go hit the Tee-It-Up button, let the app determine the course you are at, name all the buddies who are playing with you and you are good to go. Although the database of courses isn’t absolutely perfect, most of the venues have got detailed internal maps associated with them (you can request the app’s team to update their database if a course doesn’t have a hole-by-hole map). This means that it is easy to go from one hole to the next, as the app will provide you with detailed directions. For maintaining the round’s scores, enter the my stats section. During a game, if you are wondering what’s the score of any given player, just launch Golfscope, and point the camera at them. The scores will be calculated based on the scanned player’s position, and you can view the stats both on a map or in 3D.

The Caddie + is available as a free download, but you can only use it if you own a Nokia WP7 device (just search the Marketplace on your phone). For non-Lumia users, there is The Caddie, a variant of The Caddie + that recently went free from $29.99, but doesn’t have Golfscope.

Download The Caddie

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  1. humm cette application semble super mais elle ne trouve pas de terrain de golf pour le Québec.??? pourtant il ne manque pas de terrain dans la région de terrebonne. 🙁

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