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TinyDO Is A Neat, Gesture-Based Reminder App For Windows Phone

Windows Phone doesn’t have any shortage of to-do list apps, and even big names like Indigo grace the WP Store with their presence. Having said that, many of he truly unique apps belonging to this genre are yet to arrive on the platform. In the recent past, no reminder app has gained more popularity than Clear for iOS. The thing that makes Clear such a success is its ability to perform almost all of its tasks through gestures. This is exactly why TinyDO for Windows Phone might prove to be a hit with users. The app comes with a host of gestures, along with some additional useful features like voice commands and the ability to organize playlists into multiple folders. You can also make the app place upcoming tasks on the lock screen.

TinyDO WP8 List TinyDO WP8 Task TinyDO WP8 Settings

TinyDO has a detailed tutorial to help users get started. The app isn’t too complicated and even if you miss some of the points in the initial instruction set, there are some example tasks in the main list that show everything TinyDO is capable of doing.

To create a new task, simply swipe downwards from the top of the screen. If you are looking to take advantage of the app’s voice recognition, keep your finger pressed on the screen after the downwards swipe. In our experience, TinyDO turned out to be pretty good at taking dictation, and got the words right most of the time. The tasks created via TinyDO can incorporate an alarm within them. To set it, just tap the entry and choose a date/time from the next screen. To highlight a task (in case it is very important), you can hit the ‘Prior Task’ button on the editing screen.

Lists in the app can be reordered by dragging tasks after long-pressing them. For deletion, swipe across an entry from right to left; going in the other direction marks the task as done. By default, all tasks remain on the app’s main screen even after they have been marked. You can get rid of them all at once by simply shaking your device.

TinyDO is pretty great for anyone who is into creating sub-lists. Much like making folders on iOS, you can create a sub-list in the app by dragging one task onto another. The tasks within a folder can be accessed by hitting the icon next to its name.

TinyDO supports two themes: dark and light, but we are hoping the developer will add more in the future. If you are interested, this free app works with both Mango and WP8. Give it a go by grabbing it from the link below.

Install TinyDO from Windows Phone Store

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  1. Yeah i’ve been using this for months, it’s great. Initially User Feedback seemed to dictate a lot of the updates, which was fantastic to see as requested features were added.

    Hasn’t been updated in quite a while now though.

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