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Popular VNC Client TinyVNC Now Available On Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone is becoming a pretty decent platform for anyone who has to frequently access a computer via remote desktop tools. The release of Splashtop 2 and TeamViewer in the WP Store has contributed towards making WP8 a smartphone OS that can be used to carry out serious business. TinyVNC is another option that many users would appreciate having on their device. It might not be the most feature-rich app of its kind, but it is really easy to use. The biggest plus of TinyVNC is that it is not tied to a single server application, and can be used with almost all the popular VNC clients for Windows, Mac and Linux. So, if you want to quickly access and control your computer using your mobile device, there is no need to go through lengthy configuration procedures for a particular desktop client, as TinyVNC can establish a connection in merely a few seconds.

TinyVNC WP Home TinyVNC WP Settings TinyVNC WP Advanced

If you are on Mac or Linux, there is no need to install a third-party VNC tool on your computer, as TinyVNC works with the built-in VNC servers that come with these platforms. On Windows, however, you need to configure an app that has the capability of acting as a VNC server. The developer behind TinyVNC recommends the use of RealVNC, TightVNC or UltraVNC, but the app might function with other server tools as well.

On the mobile app, the configuration doesn’t take much at all. Just hit the ‘+’ icon located in the bottom bar and fill the required fields. You can give any name to the server, while the address should be set to your computer’s IP address, and the ‘port’ field is filled by TinyVNC automatically. The app only supports two security levels: ‘None’ and ‘VNC Auth’. If your server is configured to some other setting, you will have to change that to comply with the app’s requirements. Advanced settings can be used to choose the color level you want as well as the default mode of interaction.


To begin a TinyVNC session, hit the appropriate server entry on the app’s main screen. In touchscreen mode, you can tap any icon or button because your fingers act as a mouse pointer. If you aren’t comfortable with that, simply toggle this mode off and use the trackpad-like controller to navigate around your desktop. TinyVNC offers special buttons for invoking function keys or the entire keyboard. TinyVNC supports both landscape and portrait orientations and switches to the appropriate one automatically, though it is possible to rotate the the screen manually as well. TinyVNC also supports copy/paste operations between your device and computer, which can really come in handy on a lot of occasions.

To keep things convenient, TinyVNC allows its users to pin a particular server’s entry to the Start screen. This enables instant access to a computer with zero hassle.

TinyVNC is a free app, and works with both Mango and Windows Phone 8 devices. Give it a go by heading to the WP Store link provided below.

Download TinyVNC for Windows Phone

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