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TrackUrSelf For Windows Phone Automatically Logs All Your Travelling For The Day

There are a few really decent maps and navigation apps on Windows Phone 7, and the Apollo update will bring Nokia Maps to all WP devices. So, while things might be looking on the rise for Windows Phone (in terms of maps apps), there is still a lot of room for improvement if you are a WP7 user who likes to take full advantage of the GPS unit in your device. TrackUrSelf is a Homebrew that might not prove to be the most useful app available for Mango phones, but it is based on a pretty neat concept, and is sure to appeal to a lot of users. This app will automatically track all your movements for any period of time, and you will be able to see your movements plotted on the map at the end of that period. In addition to that, TrackUrSelf also provides its users with a list of all the GPS coordinates of the places you have visited throughout the day.

TrackUrSelf Viewer TrackUrSelf List TrackUrSelf Settings

There are many WP7 apps that can work in the background, but TrackUrSelf might be one of the very few that work only in the background. Of course, you have to launch it to configure everything, but once you have done that, all other functions are completely automated. TrackUrSelf provides instructions in the form of notifications, so that anyone can use the Homebrew easily. It is advisable if you choose a period for which you want the app to track your movements. This can be done in the Display Filter section of the Settings menu. It may be noted that you can only specify the start and end date for the tracking period, and there is no way of setting exact time points. In addition to that, it is also possible to specify a Cleanup period, after which all the logged data will be cleared automatically. Before navigating away from the app, don’t forget to check the Enable Tracker Agent option in Settings. Other configurations include tracking animations and resolution of location address.

To get the most out of TrackUrSelf, just configure it and then forget all about the app. Whenever you come back to the Homebrew, you will see your movements plotted on the app’s own map. The map supports both aerial and satellite view, and comes with 2 zooming buttons. The List section of TrackUrSelf displays the GPS coordinates of all the visited locations, along with the time and date you went there. The app can prove to be a good addition to your Windows Phone if you are hiking or driving to a new place. The data is updated after every 30 minutes, thereby keeping the battery usage to a minimum. So, if you have a developer unlocked device, TrackUrSelf can be flashed to your device for free.

Download TrackUrSelf for Windows Phone (Homebrew)

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