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Tweet It!: Quick Twitter Photo Sharing & Custom Timeline Filters For WP7

The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has got quite a lot of popular Twitter clients on offer, probably owing to the fact that the official Twitter app for Mango phones is a bit too minimalistic. Tweet It! is a third-party Twitter client for WP7 that has the full potential of making you delete the official Twitter app from your phone altogether. Tweet It! is designed to facilitate sharing photos over Twitter, but that’s not its only good feature. The app also has a Drafts section that lets users save tweets when they are offline. Have you ever been in a situation when you thought of something you just had to tweet about, but forgot all about it because you didn’t have access to the internet at that moment? This is exactly the kind of scenario in which Twitter drafts can help you. The app also offers many other cool features, like displaying an inline preview of shared photos on your timeline, gesture control and a really handy Street Mode that makes the app transparent, ensuring that you don’t bump into anyone while using the app during a walk.

Tweet It! Menu Tweet It! Profile Tweet It! Timeline

Once you have linked your Twitter account with Tweet It!, the app will take you straight to your timeline, but to get things in perspective, it is better if you visit the main menu first. The first option in the menu is Profile, and from there, you can view and edit your Twitter profile. The Profile menu uses your display picture as the background for the hub. Your Friends, Followers and tweet count are listed as separate tiles. Tweet It! also calculates the user’s tweets per day. The main menu lists the drafts option, one of the app’s distinguishing features, where you can write a tweet when offline, and save it for later use. Tweet It! can be used to manage direct messages, lists and favorites as well.

Tweet It! Photo Tweet Tweet It! Interface Settings Tweet It! Settings

The app has an option for uploading photos, and that will take you straight to the Pictures hub, where you can select a photo and then tweet it. It is possible to gauge the real worth of the app by heading to the settings menu, as almost every part of Tweet It! is customizable from there. You can choose the font size the app uses, the number of tweets you want on your timeline at a time, the view of the timeline (it is possible to enable inline images) and turn on the street mode. If you think the existing background of Tweet It! is a bit too much, you can simply turn it off and use the default background theme of your device in its place. By default, the timeline supports the pull to refresh gesture, but you can change that to shake to refresh if you want. Tweet It! is a pretty good option for scrobbling as well, and will even let you define the default nowplaying  format.

This remarkable app is usually a $1.99 download, but for a limited time, you can grab it for free by heading to the following web Marketplace link. Give it a try – you won’t regret it.

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