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Play Any Game Boy Or GB Color Title On Windows Phone With VGBC8

VGBC8 for WP8 might not support as many platforms as RetroArch for Android, and those it does support are nowhere near as high-end as what PSSP emulates on iOS, but this Game Boy emulator does everything it is supposed to do in a really efficient and lag-free manner. The app is capable of running any Game Boy or Game Boy Color ROM, offering full controls and game saving options. VGBC8 is not the first emulator of this kind for Windows Phone, as the developer of this app has previously released a Game Boy Advance emulator in the WP Store as well. The new app works flawlessly, and loading new ROMs is really easy. Any game’s save state is uploaded to SkyDrive so that your progress doesn’t get lost even if the app is uninstalled, and you start playing it right where you left even on another device.

VGBC8 WP8 Home VGBC8 WP8 VGBC8 WP8 Options

By default, VGBC8 comes with just one game ROM: the famous Pong. This isn’t much of an issue though, since it is possible to import any ROM to the emulator in a number of ways. You can open GB and GBC files from emails and load them to VGBC8 through SkyDrive, or download ROMs directly on your device using Internet Explorer. In the app’s free version, only two ROMs can be kept at a time and you have to delete older ones if you want to try new games.

To load a game, just go to the ‘rom list’ section and tap on the ROM’s icon. The emulator’s controls consist of five buttons. VGBC8 works in both landscape and portrait modes, and the controls reposition themselves with changes in the device’s orientation. You cannot save games to SkyDrive in the app’s feature-limited but time-unlimited trial, but it is possible to use a ROM’s own saving options within the game.

VGBC8 WP8 Settings VGBC8 WP8 Controls

VGBC8 is an amazingly customizable app, and offers a large number of options in its settings menu. You can change the save/load properties of ROMs by heading to the ‘General’ tab in settings. The emulator supports 8-way, fixed analogue and dynamic analog control sticks. Users also get to adjust the accuracy and visual aspects of the controller. Although the default audio and video settings in VGBC8 are pretty good, you can change almost everything about them in case you find anything unsatisfactory.

VGBC8 fetches for $2.49, while any Game Boy ROM can be run with the app without any extra charges, and legally too as long as you own the game in question and extract the ROM from it. The trial version isn’t too restricted, and can serve you well enough if you are just in the mood for casually refreshing some childhood memories. Grab the app by heading to the link given below.

Download VGBC8 For Windows Phone

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