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Marvel Comics Alamanac Offers Info & Video Clips For Your Favorite Superheroes On Windows Phone

While Windows 8 has recently been getting many comic book-related apps like Manga Z and Echo Comics, Windows Phone has never been too strong in this genre. There have been the odd promotional apps for upcoming movies like Man of Steel and Spiderman, but that’s pretty much all. If you are really into comic books though, there is an app available in the WP Store that can make up for many other shortcomings of the platform’s app ecosystem. Marvel Comics Almanac is not about letting users read comics; it is actually about catering to your daily dose of Spiderman, X-Men, or whichever Marvel series superhero you fancy. The app offers a detailed profile of all Marvel characters, complete with attribute charts, biographies, and other related content. You can search for characters by name, or just see what’s popular among your fellow fans these days. There are also videos, which may even include full episodes of some TV series or long clips from movies.

Marvel Comics Almanac WP8 Featured Marvel Comics Almanac WP8 Search Marvel Comics Almanac WP8 Seldom

To help users browse through different comic collections and episodes, Marvel Comics Almanac is divided into a lot of sections. The first screen that shows up is labeled ‘featured’, with a hero or heroine’s bio showing up. The app keeps cycling through these featured characters regularly. To keep things interesting, the Almanac shows a list of characters that are most popular among fans, as well as the ones that are least viewed in the app. For more characters, swipe to the right and you’ll land on the ‘sections’ screen. X-Men, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Avengers and the Guardians all have sections of their own. You can also use the search bar to look for a particular character, episode or series.

Marvel Comics Almanac WP8 Bio Marvel Comics Almanac WP8 Attributes Marvel Comics Almanac WP8 Videos

Marvel Comics Almanac has a whole ‘videos’ section, which contains featured videos from different series. There are actor interviews from movies, fight sequences, and you can watch up to 80 episodes of series like Avengers and Spiderman. Another way of coming across these videos is by heading to a character’s dedicated page, and looking under the videos subsection. Any superhero can be pinned to the Start screen, so that you get to access their bio, attributes screen and media library quickly. It would have been great had the app offered the option to save the available photos as wallpapers, but sadly this is not the case.

Marvel Comics Almanac is a free app and works with both Mango and Windows Phone 8 devices. Give the app a go by heading to the following link.

Install Marvel Comics Almanac from Windows Phone Store

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