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Voice Butler Supercharges Windows Phone 8 Native Voice Commands

Windows Phone 8 has been around for some time now, but the platform still hasn’t lost all of its novelty and retains the capability to surprise users every once in a while. Voice-controlled personal assistants aren’t something new for Windows Phone, but Go To was quite unique as it showed the platform’s ability to let third-party apps integrate with TellMe. Voice Butler though, takes this integration to a whole new level, as this app supports a staggeringly wide variety of commands. Not only can you use Voice Butler to set reminders, it can also help in photography, controlling system settings and getting information regarding the weather of your area. As the app integrates with TellMe, you don’t have to actually launch Voice Butler to perform any of the available actions, and commands can be spoken even when you are on the lock screen or using another app.

Voice Butler WP8 TellMe Voice Butler WP8 Rain Voice Butler WP8 Battery

Voice Butler shows a list of commands that the app can handle when you first launch it. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible for Butler to understand natural language, and you have to say the exact words that are written in the commands list. Here is an overview of everything Voice Butler can be used for.

System Settings

Wi-Fi, airplane mode, Bluetooth and cellular data can be toggled using Voice Butler. If you want some light quickly, just say “Butler light” and the app switches on the camera LED. You can then control this flashlight using the on-screen button provided by the app.

Voice Butler can displays stats related to your device’s battery life. These details including the remaining battery percentage and time since you last charged. It is also possible to ask Butler to notify you whenever you leave your device plugged in and it gets fully charged.

Camera Controls

You can ask Voice Butler to snap pics for you, and that too with a delay period of your choice. The app is even capable of shooting multiple photos in a given interval. Say, you want your camera to take four pictures of you within half a minute, the command “Butler take four pictures in 30 seconds” will do the trick.


The weather commands supported by Voice Butler can tell you the current temperature of your city, and if it is going to rain in a given area. You can view a detailed forecast of the coming days by tapping the corresponding cards shown by the app.

Voice Butler WP8 Reminders Voice Butler WP8 Reminder

Reminders, Alarms & Timers

You can create new reminders and alarms within the app manually, but voice commands are available for these actions as well. Voice Butler also has the capability of initiating a timer and alerting you whenever the countdown culminates.

Voice Butler is a free app, and we highly recommend it for all WP8 devices. The app’s integration with TellMe already makes it a cut above the rest and if support for natural language is added to the mix, it can really kill the competition.

Download Voice Butler for Windows Phone

[via WPCentral]


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