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Find Flights At The Best Rates With Whichairline For Windows Phone 8

Planning a trip has never been the same ever since smartphones appeared on the scene. There are many apps and services that can help you get the best deals on flights, hotels, and other aspects of travelling. Even Windows Phone, which is often criticized for its lack of apps, has solutions like All flights-Skyscanner and Travel Expert Pro available in this genre. If your main concern for planning a trip is money though, you must start by picking an airline that won’t overcharge you, but would still fit your schedule completely. Of course, you can go online and try doing a little research on ticketing prices yourself, but if you own a WP8 device, Whichairline can do all that for you automatically. The app just needs users to specify their destination, and everything else about the flight is calculated automatically. Whichairline displays flight results based on their pricing, which can be really helpful in choosing the airline with the best rates.

Whichairline WP8 Search Whichairline WP8 Results Whichairline WP8 Flight Details

The main screen of the app has a set of instructions, although using Whichairline shouldn’t be too difficult even for newcomers. Just enter the ‘From’ and ‘To’ locations to get started. The app comes with autosuggestions, both for airports and cities. If you are looking for a one-way flight, keep the option just above the Search button checked; otherwise, Whichairline provides data about return flights. The outbound and return dates also need to be specified for accurate results. By default, Whichairline shows results in US dollars, but the currency can be changed by tapping the icon located in the top-right corner.

The results displayed by Whichairline comprise of flight timings, duration, stops, and price range. If you choose an airline from these basic values, the app shows detailed stats of the route. You get information about stopovers, luggage limit and flight schedules. The same data is provided for both outbound and return flights and if you are satisfied, Whichairline even has a ‘Book flight’ button. You can’t make the reservations right from within the app though, and hitting the said button only opens booking services like eBookers in Internet Explorer.

Whichairline is new to Windows Phone, but the service has been around on the web for a long time, managing to establish a decent reputation due to the accurate flight results it offers. The app is available for free, and works only with Windows Phone 8 devices. Some users have accused the app of being a bit buggy, but everything worked fine in our experience. You can give Whichairline a go by clicking the link below.

Install Whichairline from Windows Phone Store

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