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Download & Manage Torrents On Windows Phone 8 With wpTorrent

Torrents and smartphones aren’t always associated with each other, but there are some apps out there that can help you control desktop torrent clients via your phone. For Windows Phone, we have seen torrent controllers like Torrent Remote and uTorrent Remote, but all these apps require a desktop companion and don’t have the capability to do anything on their own. wpTorrent is the first WP8 app that can act independently for searching, downloading and managing torrents. Once downloaded, these torrent files can be used directly on your phone, or sent to your computer using the app’s HTTP file sharing feature. wpTorrent is a very comprehensive app, letting you choose download/upload speeds, view detailed torrent information, and configure search engines to find new torrents even without leaving the app. To top it all, the app integrates pretty well with Internet Explorer, and automatically grabs any torrent link you find there.

wpTorrent WP8 Settings wpTorrent WP8 Speed Settings

When wpTorrent is launched for the first time, it asks for permission to run in the background. It is better if you allow that, since downloading sizeable torrents will be a hassle otherwise. Before getting down to torrent-hunting though, you should head to the app’s settings and configure everything for an optimal experience. The available options include enabling downloads under the lock screen, limiting downloads to WiFi only, and choosing the minimum available battery percentage on which wpTorrent commences downloads. You’ll see some other, more technical options as well, like setting limits on download and upload rates, and choosing the maximum number of simultaneous downloads as well as the incoming port.

wpTorrent WP8 Confirm wpTorrent WP8 wpTorrent WP8 File

wpTorrent offers multiple ways to initiate a download. You can add a torrent to the app’s download list by pasting its link using the ‘+’ button in the bottom bar, use the ‘browse’ option to search for files from within the app, or go for the most convenient method of all, which is tapping torrent links in IE and letting wpTorrent grab the files from there. In the app’s browse section, a torrent search engine has to be defined manually before the magic can happen.

During an active download session, wpTorrent lets you pause/resume downloads, refresh the file, view usage stats, or delete the torrent completely. If the downloaded torrent is of a file that is compatible with Windows Phone, you can start playing or viewing the file by opening it in any app you want. Otherwise, the downloads can be transferred to a computer via HTTP sharing.

wpTorrent comes in two versions. The free variant doesn’t allow users to download at more than 200kbps, and shows advertisements. In wpTorrent Pro though, you get an ad-free experience at unlimited download speeds. Both apps are WP8-only, and can be installed via the links below.

Install wpTorrent from Windows Phone Store

Install wpTorrent Pro from Windows Phone Store

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