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YouTube For WP8 Gets Revamped With Better Live Tiles & Playlists

Just like Microsoft pleasantly surprised WP8 users with a revamped Facebook app last week, they have shown that the state of the rather dismal YouTube client for the mobile platform hasn’t slipped their mind either. The YouTube app just got a major update for WP8 a few hours back, adding a lot of improvements and new features to the mix. For one thing, the app is now ready to be pinned to the Kid’s Corner, thanks to the new content control options. Also, the interface of playlists has been overhauled to make it convenient for users to scroll through them and get to their favorite videos with ease. All major WP8 apps support live tiles, but YouTube 3.0 shows the full potential of the feature, as it lets you pin individual videos, search queries and channels to the Start screen.

YouTube WP8 Playlist YouTube WP8 Social Network YouTube WP8 Start Screen

The app now has a more Modern UI look, which suits it just fine. In fact, YouTube for WP8 might finally have become good enough to give the Android and iOS apps of the service a run for their money. In addition to looks, the updated app also takes full advantage of other WP8 features. It is possible to listen to videos even when you lock your device’s screen while a video is being played. This is perfect for those of you with elaborate playlists dealing just with music. Speaking of playlists, the layout of all playlists shown by YouTube for WP8 has changed dramatically. The official change log of the app describes it as a ‘touch-friendly filmstrip’. Users also get to manage and upload videos to playlists with YouTube 3.0.

Almost everything from the updated app can be pinned to the Start screen, including channels, playlists and profiles. Rather interestingly, it is even possible to create live tiles out of videos and search queries. All these live tiles are capable of flipping to reveal a thumbnail view of the latest video from the pinned category or list.

The video player in YouTube 3.0 offers sharing options that include social networks, email and SMS. You can also put the device in lock screen if you want to continue listening to a video without looking at it.

YouTube 3.0 has been released for WP8 only, at least for now, but Microsoft has revealed that a similar update is in works for Mango as well. So, if you haven’t done it already, head to the WP Store from your WP8 and grab the app right away!

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