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After The Deadline Plugin For Windows Live Writer Corrects Grammar Mistakes

Windows Live Writer comes with a default spellchecker which is quite helpful for identifying typos. However, one thing that Windows Live Writer lacks is the ability to correct grammatical mistakes. Such mistakes are not always caused by lack of knowledge about the English grammar but can often be the result of typos which might not fall in the realm of spelling mistakes. For instance, you can easily swap the word “weather” with “whether” or “an” with “a” due to concentration lapses and common typing mistakes. While these words are not spelling mistakes, such errors however, can result in horrible grammatical mistakes. A solution to this problem is now available with an open source plugin called Grammar Checker Plugin.

Grammer Checker Plugin uses ‘After The Deadline’ web service to check for spelling, style, and grammar mistakes. If you are on of those users who is using ‘After The Deadline’ plugin for WordPress but needs similar functionality in Windows Live Writer, this plugin is godsend.

It checks for grammatical mistakes and provides you with in depth information regarding the nature of the mistake, with details about the correct grammatical format. To use this plugin, just download and install the MSI file and restart Windows Live Writer (in case it is in use) for Grammar Checker to integrate to it. To check for grammatical mistakes, highlight the text area you wish to check and click on Grammar Checker from the Insert tab.


A new window will pop-up and display the relevant information about grammatical mistakes (if any), with an explanation of the mistake according to grammatical rules. Because Grammar Checker uses the “After the Deadline” web service to provide advanced grammar checking abilities, you must be online (active internet connection) to receive grammar correction information.

Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker plugin is open source and was tested on the latest version of Windows Live Writer.

Download Grammar Checker

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