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AnVir Task Manager Offers VirusTotal Scan For Processes, Malware Quarantine & More

Previously we’ve covered a plethora of third party Windows Task Manager alternative, with Process Explorer and YAMP being the most effective solutions from the lot. These tools provide advanced users, system administrators and those working in IT support much more information and many more options about the running processes and services compared to the default Task Manager, helping them find and kill rogue processes more efficiently. If you’re looking for another such app, then try AnVir Task Manager. It’s a feature-rich desktop program that boasts a ton of options not found in the default Task Manager utility, such as the ability to instantly upload and scan processes, services and startup items via Virus Total, more control over startup programs and registry items, user access management, as well as the ability to quarantine malicious scripts, trojans, viruses and other malware.

Warning: During installation, the setup program tries to download and install additional unwanted software. You can, however, easily avoid this by unchecking and declining any such offers when prompted.

AnVir Task Manager_SetupAnVir Task Manager_Setup2

Supercharged with a wide array of features, AnVir offers powerful task management features in its multi-pane interface. It gives you a detailed overview of currently running apps, services and process, startup up programs and registry items, all in one small package. You may find the UI occasionally confusing , but then again its designed to put all relevant information at your disposal. The application can either be launched manually or set to automatically start upon system boot.

AnVir Task Manager Free

The Startup tab can prove to be quite handy to instantly see all the running process. Besides regular items, the tree-view pane lets you explore various additional components, such as registry entries, services, scheduled files and applications, Internet Explorer files, as well as items that are quarantined by AnVir. Double-clicking an item displays further details, statistics and a whole lot more.

AnVir Task Manager_Startup

There are other areas to explore as well. For instance, the Processes and Services tabs display more specific information about all your running processes and services. Similarly, the Applications tab provides a list of currently running programs, whereas the Log tab keeps a detailed history of the changes in process and services.  You can, of course, easily stop a program from running via stopping its process from the context menu.

AnVir Task Manager Free_Tabs

Speaking of the context menu, you will find more options here than you’ll probably need. Right-click any item from the list – irrespective of the tab where it’s from – and you will have access to options like change security rating, file properties, system menu, set affinity and priority, kill, suspend or restart process, add to startup, check for viruses online, and so on.

AnVir Task Manager_Context Menu

Another interesting bit is an integrated Tweaker tool that that provides you easy access to a ton of hidden Windows settings, under Desktop, Multimedia, Protect, Internet, Uninstall and Files and Disks sections. Windows XP users will also find additional settings to play with under its pertaining tab.


I’ve only scratched the surface here of what AnVir can actually offer in terms of usability and features to control various aspects of Windows from a single place. The best way would be to try the program yourself. It works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Download AnVir Task Manager

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