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Apply Alternating Line Color Formatting In Visual Studio 2010 Code Editor

Do you find it difficult to find certain code modules from an ever-growing source code file? Since Visual Studio 2010 code editor doesn’t provide options to customize the background in order to make code lines look more prominent, users generally try out different themes to get their focus straight on code editor. Alternating Line Color provides a simple yet effective solution. Just like what Format Painter can do with Excel sheets, it applies alternating color to each line of code, so that users can easily differentiate line breaks and code modules. Additionally, it doesn’t require configuring any settings to bring the alternating colored lines formatting.

Before installing the add-in, make sure that Visual Studio instances are not running in the background. Just run the VSIX executable file to install the plug-in. After installation is finished, launch Visual Studio and from Tools –> Extension Manager, check whether the Alternating Line Color extension is listed or not.

Alternate Line color

If enabled, it will automatically apply alternating color line formatting over the main code editor. Apparently, it works with all programming language coding sheets, including, VB, C#, F#, etc. As of now, only one alternating line color is available. The project is in works and hopefully developer will update it with extra colors schemes as well. It supports Visual Studio 2010 only.

Download Alternating Line Color


  1. Easiest way to change the colours is to download the VSIX file, rename it to a .zip and then open the relevent code within in VS, find the colour, change it, then rebuild – replace the dll and source file in the Zip (i.e. rebuild the zip) and then rename back to VSIX. Then just double click to install it.

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