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Backup Firefox Profiles With A Single Click Using Batckup Firefox

Firefox users who love to tweak with installed extensions, add-ons, and other browser settings, can’t afford to lose Firefox Profile folder while porting data from one system to another. Firefox Profile folder contains everything from browsing history, add-ons, cache, to bookmarks, etc., and can be backed up and restored easily with previously featured MozBackup. However, if you don’t want to select the Firefox profile elements prior to creating profile backups, you can use a simple batch script, called Batckup Firefox. It runs in Windows Command Line Interpreter (CMD), allowing you to create backup at defined location with a single keystroke. You wont have to manually set the way profile backups are to be created. Just specify the location and it will start backing up all Firefox profiles.

Run the BAT file with administrative privileges and enter the path where you want to create the backup folder. However, if you don’t specify the backup location, it will create the Firefox profile data backup on desktop.

backp f

Once the profiles backup process is finished, open the backup folder to verify if all the add-ons, extensions, user setting files have been copied from Profiles or not.

backup 2

Contrtasting to Mozbackup, Batckup Firefox has the ability to create backups of all the Firefox profiles in on go. It doesn’t offer an option to restore the profiles back at the original Firefox profile folder location. Nevertheless, you can manually open the location where backed up profile data has to be moved.

Download Batckup Firefox


  1. hope they improve it later.. actually mozbackup didn’t execute our command correctly, on option you tick and tick, but in the end it still restore all include not ticked. hope to see more good alternative.

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