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Backup, Upload, And Edit Flickr Photos From Desktop With Flickr Edit

FlickrEdit is a Java based desktop application that allows you to download, backup, upload and edit Flickr images. It is a complete package for managing your Flickr account from the desktop.

To get started, click on the Login button located at the top right corner of the main interface. When attempting to login, you will have to specify a user with appropriate permissions (read, write, delete).


After logging in, your photo sets are displayed in the All sets tab. You can also view them separately via the Set tab. The All Photos tab as the name suggests, displays all the pictures from your Flickr account. The rest of the tabs including Not In Sets, Favorites, Contacts, Recent and Groups displays pictures from the appropriate sections from Flickr. For example, the Contacts tab displays recent pictures uploaded by your contacts on Flickr. Pictures can also be searched via the Search tab, whereas, the Local tab can be used to add pictures to your Flickr account from your computer. Clicking on the Backup button (in any tab) allows saving the selected picture offline (e.g. on your hard drive).

Clicking Upload button in the respective tab uploads photos to a specified location (e.g. a set).


After the required fields are entered, the picture is instantly uploaded to your Flickr account.


Images and sets can also be edited via the Edit Photo or Set button located on top at the main interface. Moreover, pictures can be browsed, rotated, deleted and viewed in a slide show by selecting the appropriate options from the same button set.

Edit Images

Flickr edit is a good tool for offline management of images from your Flickr account. However, as it is a Java based application, therefore it can be a bit slow to respond at times.

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, provided you have Java Runtime installed.

Download Flickr Edit


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