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Bend: Text Editor With Programming Language Support

Bend caters those users who have been moved with the layout of applications. It is simple text editor which is distinctive in its style. It supports multitude of file rendering capabilities and caters eminent programming languages syntax some of which includes; C#, C/C++, HTML, JavaScript, PHP and lot more. Apart from supporting Windows build-in .txt format, the language support comes useful for checking syntax errors and for analyzing code.

The tabbed interface is quite stunning which let users edit multiple documents on-the-go.  At left side bar it shows line numbers to keep track on each inserted line. All the basic file options are expanded on the upper part to quickly Open, Save and Save as (in different format) the document. To start working on other documents, you can create a new tab.


It also supports Explorer context menu integration, which is by default disabled. To enable right-click context menu integration, click Bend on top-left corner to bring up basic options where you can enable context menu integration option and append the bend directory to UE (User Environment) path for easier access from command line.

explorer 1

Once the option is enabled, you can start editing documents in Bend from right-click context menu.

bend file1

It is however not feature-rich yet an awesome looking simple text editor providing multiple language support.

Download Bend

For more, you can check out a full-featured text editor: Fxite.

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