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Music Management Made Better With Cuberok

With so many good options to choose from in music players, there hardly seems any place for a newcomer. Yet Cuberok appeared good enough to merit a review. It is an open source, free music player and collection manager based on Qt4. With a lightweight interface, internet radio support, automatic download of lyrics, and many other features, this software seems to hold quite a promise for the music enthusiast.

Cuberok’s interface can be customized to English or Russian, and is simple enough to understand. You can add multiple playlists, which open up as tabs. Each playlist can be viewed as either Now Playing, Artist or Album views. The software has deep ties with Last.FM and can download track information and album art from their database. It can also grab lyrics from lyricwiki.org.

The playlist and library views come with drag and drop support, thus making adding new tracks very simple. The user interface is highly configurable, accessible through the preferences dialog under File menu.


The software also supports scrobbling from Last.FM and Libre.FM. It also brings a new feature in the form of auto-rating of tracks, where ratings for album, artists and genres are automatically calculated from the rating of songs. Furthermore, the library view also allows to catalog your collection on the basis of these ratings.

Full feature set of Cuberok includes:

  • Support internet services Jamendo and MagnaTune
  • Downloading images for albums and artists from Last.FM
  • Loading artist and album info from Last.FM, loading lyrics from LyricWiki.org
  • Easy collection browsing. Just double click on genre to view all artist in this genre.
  • Smart playlists (custom SQL requests)
  • Support for Album Art as separate file on disk. Art can be assigned to genre and artist too.
  • Many supported music formats
  • Support for many play lists at one time. Play lists may be played in a certain configurable order, or browsed through like the main music library.
  • Tag editing capability. Built-in tag converter QTagConvert
  • Save/Load play lists to/from XSPF and M3U.
  • Collect playlist files into Library. Supported XSPF, M3U, ASX/ASP and CUE files.
  • Clean and fast database backend using SQLite3.
  • Configurable user interface.

Cuberok is available for all three major platforms, i.e., Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It also works on 64-bit systems. We tested the software on Windows 7 x86 operating system.

Download Cuberok

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