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Best Way To Unblock Twitter, Facebook, Pandora, MySpace, And Other Websites

Do you want to unblock/bypass websites, such as, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Bebo, and many others? There are two cases we are talking about here. First is that in many countries some websites are blocked due to government censorship, which prevents users living in that country to access any foreign website and restrict the information they see. Second is that many websites are focused on specific countries, users living outside those countries will not be able to view the content of that website.

Websites that comes under the first category are Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and many others. While the websites that comes under second category are Pandora, YouTube(Movies Section), ABC, and many others.

There are thousands of websites that calm to work, most that used to work have either shut down or have been taken down. Luckily, there is one great proxy tool called IP Hider that hasn’t received much attention lately. It solves problem of both situations mentioned in the introductory paragraph.

Note: IP Hider has some restrictions, you can instead try FreeVPN and UltraVPN.

What it does is hide your original IP address temporarily and lets you choose any other IP Address from all over the world. It displays a simple map where you can select the IP address from any country around the world. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Here is how it works, launch the program, click US on the world map and it will change your IP Address temporarily.

ip hider

Now visit any website freely without any restrictions. So you ask for proof? Check the screenshot below. 🙂

pandora main

But before you start using this tool, make sure you know some basics on how it works. When you are using anonymous proxy the speed is greatly reduced. You will be able to access blocked websites, but if they contain videos then it will be difficult to watch since the speed over anonymous proxy is not so fast.

Personal Opinions: In my testing Hulu didn’t work at all, YouTube movies section loaded just fine and commercials started playing slowly(I closed the window afterwards), but Pandora worked like a charm. Here you have to note that Pandora is a website where you can listen to radio(not video), so the streaming was smooth on my side.

Please also note that if websites that contain information with images is blocked in your country, then it is a piece-of-cake to unblock them using this tool. They might load a little slow, but it is at least better than no access at all.

Premium version of this app is available too, but it costs some bucks. In Premium version you get a dedicated IP address. Since I haven’t tried premium versions(I cannot speak as to how it works). Alternatively if you don’t feel like paying, there is always HotSpot Shield that works like a charm.

Download IP Hider

Also Try(Great Alternative): HotSpot Shield

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Enjoy!

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  • I am using http://www.vpnmessenger.com which has its own messenger and voip platform in built into it, which ensures both methods of communication totally secure.
    Very good service which i believe is a first of its kind.

  • this is a impressive way to unblock these good sites…………

    • danielle

      i dont get it what do i do first?

      i want to go on faceboo but its blocked

  • mitch

    Or you can try a vpn service such as http://www.roadwarriorvpn.com , once you install the client application all your traffic will be encrypted and no more blocked sites

  • youtubeproxyh

    Yes if one could not able to open youtube by proxy then one can use VPN service which may solve the problem.

  • youtubeproxyh

    Yes if one could not able to open youtube by proxy then one can use VPN service which may solve the problem.

  • youtubeproxyh

    Yes if one could not able to open youtube by proxy then one can use VPN service which may solve the problem.

  • Hi!
    Pandora radio is not available in my country – Portugal.
    I have found tv243.com a great alternative for it.
    love music

  • Steven Y.

    I'm in China and it doesn't work 🙁

  • i want to unblock twitter cuz i hav 1 how do i unblock it

  • Anelly

    I used IP Hider and I like it. Too bad my license key has expired 🙁

  • Williedew202

    I want to listen to music while I search on other webs how?

  • baddest_bitch !

    this shit is WACK , it dont wanna let me download it . stupid ass , broke down shit !