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BitComet Now Less CPU Intensive With Latest Update

Many standalone download managers provide the utility to grab content from websites (HTTP based content downloaders), Torrent files ( Torrent Clients), FTP (FTP Clients), etc.  Many people who use BitComet benefit from its functionality of being a web and FTP download manager, that also supports BitTorrent and eMule  simultaneously. It combines the functionality of variable download clients, by providing all the general and advanced level tasks such as managing downloads, download queuing, fast resumption of downloads, disk cache, speed limit caps, port mapping, proxy, IP filter, etc. One of the criticisms of BitComet has been that it was more CPU intensive than other Torrent clients like uTorrent. Recently, BitComet has been updated with a number of  new features and enhancements that has made it less CPU and memory intensive. Version 2.6 includes an improved kernel to reduce CPU usage for UI refreshing when downloading BitTorrent tasks, improved transport interval of peer exchange, worker thread usage is now used to process socket message (which has reduced message handling in UI threads) and much more.

As we know the options on the main interface are quite easy to understand and use, such as buttons that allow to open, start, stop and delete files for downloading. BitComets provides a number of useful links to torrent, music, games, software websites from  buttons on the top and the sidebar. A number of new features have been added and enhanced  to the BitComet interface such as improved text information display (in VIP acceleration dialog), improved re-connection timers displayed in tracker list and many small enhancements to the GUI (Graphical User Interface).


The options section  now has more features than ever before. Other than the common options  for adding a data cap (for downloading and uploading content), proxy configurations, port management, FTP/HTTP download management, etc. It also has display for the status of disk boost service in a statistical tab. It allows preview program to open files of any type from file list, when opening a video file,  it is opened in the player program configured in advanced option and a new addition has been included to show  BT task properties dialog.

An overview of some main BitCommet version 1.26 improvements are as follows:

  • Improved text information displayed in VIP acceleration dialog.
  • Progress bar of disk space in task properties.
  • New setting (in advanced option page) to enable/disable auto hash check .
  • Settings in advanced options page to enable/disable disk boost service .
  • Tasks in queue are displayed in Active task list.
  • Re-connection timers are displayed in tracker list.
    simplified torrent status icon in torrent history and torrent share list.
  • Improved display refreshing code of torrent history and torrent share list, as well as reduced CPU usage.
  • Displays the number of days in case the downloading ETA is more than 24 hours.
  • Downloaded size in task statistical dialog (when selecting multiple tasks) is invalid.
  • In the global option dialog, the cache size value for each HTTP download is now 2MB.
  • Improved crash report system.
  • Improved transport interval of peer exchange.
  • It uses worker thread to process socket message, which reduce message handling in UI thread.
  • When listening port is disabled, the program will dead-loop when exit.

BitComet works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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