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BitFinder – Duplicate File Remover

You may not realize how many duplicate files you have on your computer, and its not a wise decision to keep them as they are merely a waste of hard disk space. If you search your hard drive then you will surely find many extra copies of documents, MP3s, photos, video, etc waiting to be removed.

But you can not perform the search operation manually in each and every folder of your hard disk as this will take ages, give BitFinder a try. It will help you reclaim your valuable disk space and improve your data efficiency.

To search for duplicate files, all you have to do is launch BitFinder, specify the search location and press the Search button. Once the search is complete, it will list all the duplicates. It gives you more control over your search by providing the start and pause options during the search process and allowing you to save search results. If two or more copies of the same file are found, then it assigns the same number to all instances of the particular file.

Its very easy to copy, move and delete the duplicates, simply select the file and choose the desired option from the Selected drop down menu located in the menu bar.


Download BitFinder

It works flawlessly on all versions of Microsoft Windows. For more, also check out Duplicate Cleaner, DoubleKiller, and Audio Comparer. Enjoy!


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