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BK Is Minimalist Backup Scheduling And Automation Tool

BK is a small backup and synchronization application which comes with multiple compression options. It offers a great deal of ease in backing up data with advance filtering features to include/exclude only selected files and folders. You can further schedule the job in question to let it automate the process.

The application comes with a simple interface and has a very straightforward usage. When starting for the first time, you need to add job(s) (sync or backup whatever required), specify the source and target path, choose compression option, and finally apply filters.


Once all the settings are in place, save the job(s) to view them in the main interface. Here, you have all the job-specific options in left sidebar. All the created jobs are displayed in the main window.


You can edit the job details and schedule the selected job whenever needed. The Schedule feature caters to different scenarios. You can run the job when it finds file changes, file modification, or any folder content changes. Besides scenarios, you can schedule the job on a specified date/time, and deploy the file monitoring mechanism to let it start the job on finding any file/folder changes.


Comparing it with previously reviewed variants such as; Yadis! Backup, Pure Sync, and  Bvckup, it seems more simple where usage is concerned and offers compression along with intuitive scenarios for scheduling and backing-up data. It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

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