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BlackBox: Free Advanced Security Monitoring System

The need of having an efficient Security Monitoring tool is steeping high day-by-day, as users are more concerned about the security in general and unauthorized access in specific. Many tools have been made public, which promises to cover & resolve utmost security concerns. Security breach in any aspect is inevitable, as long as you don’t deploy full security monitoring system. Amongst many solutions, you can try out a free utility: BlackBox, which addresses the very same security concerns & other relevant monitoring phenomena. It’s built keeping multiple elements in mind, be it mailbox, website, program information, instant messaging, etc, you can monitor almost every action under one hood.

The work done behind its built is quite remarkable, as it also has an ability to include remote systems (Network locations) to keep tab on potential security risks. The interface design is quite formal & spruced up making it easier to use. On first time usage, it will prompt you to specify locations for monitoring, where you can also include all local paths and specify other remote locations as well. All the primary features & options are expanded on the upper part of the window. It mainly includes, Screen Capture, Keystrokes, Programs, Websites, Web Searches, Emails, and Webmail. Under each tab, it shows all the relevant information & latest updates on element in question. You can always add/remove as many computers as you want. The main navigation bar comes in handy in quickly going through the locations being monitored.


Screen Capturing feature is quite useful, it capture screenshots with synchronized mouse clicks & key presses’ periodicity. Intuitively, it automatically ceases the process of taking screenshots, when user left the system or when it finds keyboard being inactive for some amount of time. Under Keystrokes tab, it holds all the relevant details on keystrokes, which includes the name of application window and starting & ending time when recorded.  From Programs tab, you can view all the programs being used and recently accessed. Websites, Web Searches, Email, and Webmail tabs hold all the respective information & details being monitored.



Advanced Settings can be configured from Settings menu, you can exclude locations, systems & users from the monitoring process, add web sites for consistent monitoring, and insert keywords to monitor in Mails, IM, etc.


As usage complexity is ranged from grass root level to high-level monitoring, it will wholly satisfy an average and advanced user alike. If you’re running a business or employed as security analyst, give this application a try to broad the security monitoring horizon.

It runs on all Windows based OS, including the latest Windows 7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit OS are supported). Testing was carried out on system running Windows 7 x86.

Download BlackBox

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