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Blogger New Service: Turn Your Blog Into A Book With Blog2Print

Next time if you want to print your blog, go to Blog2Print, you can print your blog and turn it into a professionally published blog book. Blogger has announced its partnership with Blog2Print to enable you to print your Blogger blog and make a book of your blog.

If you want to share your blog stuff with others or keep a hardcopy with yourself, then you should avail this service. You can publish some or all of your posts and photos as a professionally printed, full color book. You can choose from soft cover or hard cover for your blog book, you can also make books by season, by year, by event or even by theme. You can customize this book and add more photos and selected comments.

Simply go here and enter your blog URL, choose the range of blog posts, modify the cover background and customize the book as per your liking and there you go, you Blog Book has been created.


Best thing is that you only pay $14.95 for soft cover book. The base price includes 20 pages, and more pages can be added at a cost of 35 cents each.

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  • Auren Tips Blogger

    Yes I am planing to do it until I have enough quality post that I thing it worth to be save as a book. May be create ebook also that can be printed.
    Tips Tricks Blogger

    The problem is that printer manufacturers went for the “Gillette” business model so need to sell their own cartridges to make money.