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Bookmark Frequently Used Files And Folders

If your work routine involves navigating through a long directory path to reach a certain file or folder, this tool might come in handy. Folder Bookmarks is an open source application that allows you to ‘bookmark’ any file or folder, buried deep within the file structure, and open it quickly with just a double-click.

The software supports categories, and you can place different bookmarks in categories of your own making. There is no limit on the number of bookmarks or categories that a user can create.

Folder Bookmarts

The program supports drag and drop action, and you can simply add items to bookmarks by dropping them in the main window. The program also gives you the option to open not only the target file/folder, but also the parent folder in which it is present.

Lastly, it also supports archiving of bookmarks, and with integrated support for Bookmark Archive Manager and elaborate instructions in the built-in help file, archiving your bookmarks is a breeze.

The program can be minimized to system tray for quick access. It was tested on our Windows 7 32-bit system.

Download Folder Bookmarks

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  • Eric C

    I find Filebox Extender to be far superior for bookmarking folders.

    Filebox eXtenders tight integration with the OS makes it so useful it has become one of those programs I hate being without. Filebox adds a heart menu to the topbar of windows that allows you to jump to any bookmark with just two clicks. As an added bonus theres the Click-switch option to sync an open save dialog window with a folder you are manually browsing. Filebox also adds pin and rollup buttons which I use less often but are still handy to have. You can disable integration with any program via the exceptions settings tab. XP users also have the option of forcing file box view types to details and predefining a sort column. This was great for Save As dialog boxes, etc but does not seem to work as intended in Vista or Windows 7. I’ve used the program since Win98 and it runs just fine on my Win7 system despite the fact that its no longer being actively developed or supported. This is absolutely one of the first apps I install on a new system.

  • Eric C
  • X

    I’d just like to mention like a previous post, this too is included in Windows 7.

    The inclusion of ‘Libraries’ is similar, but not spot-on. However, the inclusion of ‘Favorites’ in the explorer tree is indeed included.

    If you look beside the start button / orb, you’ll see a folder icon. Right-clicking this will give you a list of commonly browsed folders. You can click the pin beside any of these folders, and they’ll always appear on this list, giving you two clicks (right click to open menu, left-click to select) to get to any folder on your computer.


    • I am glad you are leaving thoughtful comments. The feature you mentioned is included in Windows 7 but what about those who are using Windows XP?

      At AddictiveTips we review interesting software all the time so that users can use whatever they want.

      I am surprised that the trick you mentioned has not been covered at AddictiveTips. I will do this first thing tomorrow. Thanks again for your useful comment.

      • X

        A simplistic way for folders in Windows XP is the following:

        Step 1) Open your My Documents
        Step 2) Create a folder called “Quick Folders”
        Step 3) Put links to whatever folders you want in ‘Quick Folders’. You could also go to start -> run -> sendto and link your ‘Quick Folders’ in there to enable right click -> send to -> quick folders

        Now the kicker.

        Step 4) Drag the folder from your My Documents to a corner of your desktop, and enjoy a new “Quicklaunch” Toolbar, containing your links to folders / files / whatever, easily hid / placed on the screen / always on top / etc.

        I came to your site while I was looking thru info on metadata, and since I had actually just done a write up using indexing, metadata, and id3 tags, I figured I might as well respond.

        Hope you like these tips. 🙂

        • Would you mind leaving a comment with your original email address. I might want to contact you about something.

          Or you can simple email me (which is provided in the contact page).

  • X

    Another post, and an email. Cheers.

  • Ivan


    Folder Bookmarks is great !!
    But, will be greater if it having options to export or save data as web page
    It will be like personal knowledge base, you could preview in web browser on local computer.
    Hope you could manage that.