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Boost Performance And Temporarily Free System Resources With JetBoost

With increase is graphical and processing prowess, games are also getting bigger and better. But this also comes at the cost of eating more system resources than ever before. Games would take a mere few MBs not so several years back, but now, they crunch memory in GBs. If you are tired of never having enough system resources for lag-free gaming, and getting disturbed by automatic Windows updates during work, then give JetBoost a try. JetBoost shuts down unnecessary background processes and services, and prioritizes running processes to free system resources, which in return gives you butter smooth gaming experience. Obviously, don’t expect miracles, as not meeting sufficient hardware requirements is primary concern, but it may aid you in better gaming than you’d do before. You can choose between Work, Game or Custom mode to temporarily stop processes, and resume them later when you are finished. Read on past the jump and see if it really helps improve your gaming.

JetBoost’s interface has this grey colored modern look and feel. There are Boost and Settings tabs at the top. The Boost tab enables you to choose the aforementioned boost mode from For Work, For Game and Custom. For Work and For Game are presets, while you can configure your own list of processes to shutdown in Custom. Processes, Services, Non-Windows Services and Other menu’s show the list of all the processes and services, and you can scroll done through all of them one by one. All the checked processes and services will be stopped temporarily when the boost mode is triggered. Once you have chosen the boost mode, click Start to boost to enable it.

Jet Boost

The application will display a Game Mode Report, stating the number of processes and services stopped and the percentage of performance increased using Before and After . When you’re done with your game session, click Restore to restart all previously enabled processes and services.

Jet Boost Activate

The Settings tab has General (to set minimize to system tray, load automatically at startup and restore hot key), Service List (to edit your own service list), Auto Update (to check for updates when program is launched) and User Interface (to set transparency level of the application). Always remember to hit Apply when you have made any change.

JetBoost Settings

Overall, JetBoost did impress us. Its quite a great alternative to play your favorite games without dishing out on a new hardware. It works on all 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Download JetBoost


  1. Thank you for your nice comment and suggestion. Since this is a Beta version, there are some bugs.  We have been working on it to make it better. As for your suggestion about the transparency settings, I will let our developers know. 

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