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Bram Is Yet Another Tool For Batch Renaming And Copying Your Files

Digital camera’s usually name images in their own format, e.g., DSC0023. Usually, when copying these images to PC, we have to rename the images manually. What if you could copy as well as batch rename the files using one application? Well, now you can. Bram is a batch rename and copying application that can perform both these tasks at once. You can change the naming scheme, numbering of files, date format and the functions to perform. It allows you to preview the changes and undo the actions if you don’t like the final product.

The interface of Bram displays folders in the left pane, subfolders and files in the right pane and options in the bottom pane. The options are further divided into two panes; folder and file search options on the left, while renaming and copying options on the right. To begin, select the parent folder from the left pane. Now, choose if you want to view files or folders from List Display option available at bottom left. When searching for files, you can change the depth of subfolders to include and set extension filters for files.

Bram Batch Renamer and Mover

After navigating to your files, first choose the new name scheme. Type the required name for the new files, and from the Parts menu, choose the naming scheme from Current Item name, Current file extension, Item’s parent folder name, Date using selected date format and Number. You can use multiple schemes in the title.

Bram Parts

Then, from the Arrow button between Apply and Undo, select the action that you want to perform. You have the option to Rename, Movie and Rename, Copy and Rename, Rename then Copy, Only Move, Only Copy and Delete to Recycling Bin.

Bram Copy & rename

Once done, click Preview to view the new names of your selected files. If satisfied, click Apply to perform your desired action. You can use Undo if you decide to discard the changes that you made. The application will display an activity log of the renaming and moving/copying process.

Bram Log

In our experience, we felt that Bram’s interface can use a little more work in terms of description and positioning of buttons. The file and folder list takes up almost all of the main interface, while the buttons for using the application are all cluttered up at the bottom part. Bram requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Bram

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