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BreakAll Sets Breakpoint In Every Access To Class [Visual Studio 2010]

Visual Studio Breakpoint feature is considered to be most important tool to debug .Net applications code. Breakpoints is referred to as markers which tells debugger to stop at certain line of code to check whether a defined condition is met or function is performed properly or not. There could be many scenarios where breakpoints help user identify the problems with code module. As you may already know that Visual Studio 2010 offers a handful of Breakpoint options accessible from Debug menu, including, Toggle Breakpoint, Create New Breakpoint by Function and New Data Breakpoint, Disable and Delete all Breakpoints but doesn’t support finding all functions and properties of class to automatically set breakpoints. That’s the reason why users have to either manually set breakpoints or look for other means to set breakpoints on every function of class in order to properly debug the current document.

BreakAll is a an intuitive add-in for Visual Studio 2010 which fill this void; it brings the convenience of automating the process of both finding functions and properties of every class in current document and setting Breakpoints on them.  Underneath Visual Studio Breakpoints native options, it adds Set Class Breakpoint option to automatically set Breakpoints.

debug 1

When you click Set Class Breakpoint, it will first find all functions and properties and then set breakpoints on them, allowing you view breakpoints of every access to class.

breakpoint 3

Being a language-agnostic add-in, it works with C Sharp, Visual Basic, and C++ applications. BreakAll is an open source application that works on Visual Studio 2010.

Download BreakAll

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