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Bring Linux Alt-Dragging To Windows With TaekWindow

Are you using a netbook and struggling with resizing and moving windows across the screen to get a sufficient place to adjust other application windows? Try TaekWindow. It takes advantage of only Alt key to quickly move and resize active application windows. The application was specifically developed for laptop and netbook users who find it difficult to move windows and resize them while dealing with multiple windows on small screen. What makes it different from traditional resize method is that it can resize any part of the open window. If you have used Linux, you must be familiar with Alt-Dragging. TaekWindow brings this alt-dragging to Windows.

After the installation, you will see it residing in Windows system tray. By default, Alt key is set to move and resize window, nevertheless, you can bring up Preferences window to change the registered keys and their respective behaviors as per your liking. In Preferences window, move to Keys and buttons window, and select left, right and any Alt key option. Now from Mouse section, select a different Alt keys to move and resize the window. It is further possible to tweak with resizing and scrolling behaviors. Select the Resize mode and Scroll wheel behavior from Resizing and Scrolling tabs respectively.

Taekwindow Preferences

In General tab, you will find options to save preferences either in Windows registry or in single INI file.

Taekwindow Preferences 2

Once preferences are all set up, click OK to minimize it to system tray. Now you’re good to go. You can resize and move the application windows across the screen in any defined manner using the set Alt keys. When the Alt key is pressed, a resize or move cursor will show up, indicating that you can now either move or resize the window from any corner.

taek window 1

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download TaekWindow

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