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Bring Mac’s Expose Feature To Windows

Other than the brilliance of aesthetics that Macs display, they also come with some really useful features, one of them being Expose. For those who are not familiar with it, Expose lets you quickly bring focus to one open window/application from the clutter that may be occupying your desktop, and such clutters are really inevitable when you’re performing your routine tasks. One may argue that Windows already implements this kind of feature through its Alt + Tab combination (or in recent versions, Windows + Tab for Aero Peek). However, even with these options you are still to sift through icons/thumbnails, and you can get only one Window focused at a time. So here’s where SmallWindows comes into play.

This tool brings the Mac’s most celebrated expose feature to Windows 7 desktop, allowing the user to get to the window in question just by mouse movement or hotkey combination. What makes it even better is that it can bring in focus not only just one window, but also all the related windows at the same time. It can also directly jump to the desktop.

The program will also highlight the focused Window, displaying it’s title to make identification easy.

This tool can be installed or used as portable utility as well. When running, it sits in the system tray where you can access the settings dialog as well. The four corners of the screen can be used as hot corners to jump to all related windows, miniaturized view of all windows or get to the desktop directly. Hotkeys for the same functions may also be specified similarly.You can also have SmallWindows start with Windows startup.


The application is no longer actively developed, and the developer reports that there can be glitches when using this software with versions earlier than Windows Vista. In our opinion, it’s a shame, since SmallWindows really proved itself to be an impressive, useful software, and we’d have loved to see more added to this utility. Nevertheless, it supports all versions of Windows, right from Windows 98 to Windows 7. For an alternative, you can try Win7se.

Download SmallWindows


    • Thanks, I knew I had seen something else that did this a while back. This works perfectly for me (on my dual monitors)

  1. I tested in on Windows 7 32-bit, and it worked fine for me. Maybe it’s something with the x64 architecture that is causing the issue. Also, the developer actually states that since the application is no longer actively developed, it may show glitches. Guess it’s just one of those hard times.

    P.S. I didn’t face any white background issues. Anyone else?

    • Forgot to mention that I’m using the 32 bit version of Windows 7 too so it can’t just be a problem with the 64 bit version.

  2. Same issue as Ron, changed my background to white after using it and it doesn’t work very well with multiple monitors (seems to put all the mini-windows onto one monitor where I would have liked it to use the two of them)

  3. I gave this a try on Windows 7 (64-bit), and found that the program works ok in terms of launching/running in Windows 7, but does NOT work properly from a functional perspective.

    The “window previews” were missing some common applications I had running (Word 2010) and then replaced my desktop with a plain white background once I did switch to an application.

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