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Browse Faster and Anonymously with Toonel

Most of us know how annoying it is when you’re unable to open Facebook, update your antivirus, download any file, or use your IM application behind a corporate or university firewall. Although there are many ways to bypass them, most of them require you to find fast proxy servers or use unsecure tunnel websites. The problems with these alternatives is mostly the insecurity and slow browsing speed. And finding fast proxies isn’t an easy job itself as well.

All these issues are taken care of with Toonel. It is one of the most useful utilities I’ve seen in recent times. Not only does it provide you with anonymous surfing, but it also compresses the data to speed up your browsing over slow internet connections.


To use Toonel, you need to download the small java application. And of course, you need Java runtime to execute it. Which shouldn’t be a big problem and is worth it. The application itself is very small, less than 100 kb in fact. Once you run the program you will need to change your Internet proxy settings by going to your browsers options and changing the server address to and Port to 8080.


An you’re done. Now you can browse, download and stream easily. You’ll be able to access any blocked websites or services. If you’re on a slow connection you’ll even notice a speed increase. You can also reduce the GIF and JPEG quality to further speed up your browsing which is a great advantage of Toonel.


If you like this tool or would like to ask any questions, feel free to ask us.

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  • KakashiSensai

    I tried it and it really works! Good find!

  • mohsen

    Hi, great file but I don’t know how to use it on ubuntu 8.04. any idea?

  • @mohsen

    This might be helpful,


  • louay

    soory but how can i use this program????

  • redz

    how do i get this to work with ubuntu 9.04(best operating system to date) i have set up the proxys in firefox and in the operating system preferences but am not sure which file i have to add the following to

    Add the following to your shell configuration file:

    export HTTP_PROXY=
    export HTTPS_PROXY=
    export FTP_PROXY=

    there are many shell configuration files dont know which one to add it to any help would be welcome thanks for your time

  • aditya

    toonel is not working these days properly…….any idea…….
    work for hardly 5 mins. then error comes………..
    or net do not respond……..

  • Thx for sharing 🙂
    i was looking for a proxy like this one 🙂
    thanks again

  • is this better than gpass or gtunnel ?
    i mean does it guarantee anonymity ?

  • khaled

    how to use this tool with my speedtuch modem (DSL).

  • khaled

    how to use this tool with my speedtuch modem (DSL).

  • khaled

    how to use this tool with my speedtuch modem (DSL).

  • jedisaint

    Sorry, I relly don't know how to deal with it! I set as you write but the toonel always show all my byties are 0 and I couldn't accese any webs!

  • bea

    how can I make tonnel work with Yahoo Messenger?

  • eleena

    that is useful

    • Masud

      hi after changing the setting & proxy address , when open IE , it fails to open, please help.

  • gana

    Will you get caught?

  • Prateek

    was using toonel for long time but now its speed has become very slow although net speed is good. please tell how to rectify it?