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Browse Online Videos Socially From Desktop

With the advents in all kinds of social media, video sharing has become more and more popular. Take Facebook’s video sharing for example, it has become so easy to find and share videos of your liking with your friends and family. Even the most popular video hosting services like YouTube, Metacafe, Blip.tv, etc seem focused on bringing any user ‘recommended’ content based on the user’s viewing preferences.

In light of all this, Shufflr takes this concept to a next level. It is a beautifully designed social video browser that allows discovery of videos of your liking based on the community’s recommendations.

Shufflr rec

The program has been created in Adobe Air, and hence it is aesthetically very pleasing, albeit a bit on the heavy side from memory front. Once installed, you need to either sign in or register for a free, new account, which takes only a couple of minutes.


Once you’re inside, the program offers the user a choice to select at least four categories of videos that they like from the cloud. Again, this is done with a pleasing transition effect.

The home interface consists of three rows, which contain recommendations, friend’s activity and buzz, a general community-generated popular content listing. You can also connect with Twitter and Facebook, and share videos directly on these social networking platforms.


When you find a video that you like, click it to watch. An integrated player will launch to play the video. Currently, Shufflr’s channel list includes YouTube, Blip.tv, Dailymotion, Yahoo! Videos and Metacafe.

video player

The most noticeable (and perhaps likeable) thing about Shufflr is the pleasing aesthetic beauty. Based on the Adobe Air platform, it really appears beautiful, and this may cover up perhaps a few small usability bugs that may be present, although I didn’t find any in my usage. Shufflr is praiseworthy and offers solid integration of popular social networking phenomenon with ease of use.

It was tested on Windows 7, but should work on either Mac OS X or Linux as well as long as you have Adobe Air installed.

Download Shufflr


  1. Dear Aatif,

    Thanks a lot for taking Shufflr for a spin and writing a detailed review. Please continue to give us feedback about the product and how we can improve the consumer experience. You can give feedback from the app itself by clicking on the feedback button or you can also participate at http://www.getsatisfaction.com/shufflr

    thanks once again and happy Shuffling.

    Shufflr team

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